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Awkward corner: Jennie (BLACKPINK) and her current boyfriend G-Dragon were both surpassed by ex-girlfriend Kai (EXO), what’s going on?

The relationship of Jennie (BLACKPINK), G-Dragon and Kai (EXO) is always a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

G-Dragon and Jennie (BLACKPINK) are not only A-list idols, but they are also top Kpop style icons. The YG couple are both Chanel ambassadors and have their own unique fashion style. However, G-Dragon and Jennie were not on the list of “10 style icons of 2021” voted by Glamor magazine . There is only one K-pop idol on this list and that’s the one who has an awkward relationship with G-Dragon and Jennie.

No one else, this special character is Kai (EXO) . The male idol is the ambassador of the Gucci brand, owns a unique style and becomes a global fashion icon. The reason why Kai makes the YG couple awkward is because he once dated Jennie for a short time, and Jennie is now G-Dragon’s girlfriend. The relationship of 3 popular idols is always a hot topic in the media and social networks.

Kai (EXO) is the only Kpop idol in the list of “10 style icons of 2021” voted by Glamor magazine

Jennie and G-Dragon were not in the top. However, the relationship between the 3 characters has been “digged” by the people

On January 1, 2019, the media exploded with the news that Kai and Jennie were dating. Dispatch has released a series of photos of the couple dating in the park. Although very well matched in both appearance and reputation, the couple “separated their way” only 25 days later. Many fans regret the short love story of Kai and Jennie.

Dispatch released Jennie and Kai’s dating photos in the park

And on February 24 of this year, Dispatch continued to “unveil” Jennie who is dating G-Dragon. After that, YG made a rather vague official statement, leaving fans confused. However, netizens all have to admit that Jennie is very eye-catching in choosing a boyfriend. Jennie is the top IT Girl in Kpop, so her boyfriend is also a world-class style icon.

Jennie is said to be dating G-Dragon


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