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The snowdrop of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was withdrawn by a series of sponsors, this is a real deal!

Is the whole of Korea determined to block Snowdrop's life?

Not only stopping at the controversy on the audience’s social networks, Snowdrop is currently facing a bigger problem when many sponsors simultaneously withdraw their investment capital, asking the crew to delete scenes with the film. related to history. The current list includes: Heungil Furniture, Ganisong Apparel, Ssarijae Village, Hans Electronics .

Sharing about its withdrawal, the Ssarijae Village company said: “We were not careful. This is the first time we received a funding request, so I simply thought it was just a strategy. strategies that promote it. However, I fear that it will be difficult to edit because of (the movie) was in post until episode 12 now. Thank you for all their activities. as a student of 89, I had participate in a democratization protest, which is really embarrassing, I will also participate in the petition (for the film to be canceled).”

Hans Electronics also said: “Hello. I read your message. We learned about the content of the drama and the cast after the first episode aired. Because we are The company is small, so the response is delayed. We apologize to those who were offended and we will ask the production company to stop advertising. Thank you.”

Knet’s comment:

– Sarijae village is a small community that makes rice cakes and porridge with ingredients produced in this village, mostly elderly people. Poor boss

– The producer doesn’t say the summary exactly, so the small companies will have no choice but to save themselves the trouble, the real excess. I will definitely keep in mind the companies that responded quickly

– Bad production team

– Sarjae??? Evil producer

– The ads before and after the movie airing should be removed.

– I will find something to buy to support these companies

– The film crew looks like they’re cheating

Source: Lac Sau Bich

Currently, Snowdrop is facing fierce controversies when it is “condemned” by the Korean people of distorting history, containing details that deliberately mutate real events. After less than 1 day, more than 200,000 signatures were sent to the Blue House, asking to stop showing the film. This number of signatures is enough for the Blue House to officially speak about the movie of female idol Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

We will continue to update the relevant information.

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