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Vietnamese audiences boycott Jisoo’s Snowdrop (BLACKPINK) because an actor plays an MV that distorts Vietnamese history

The movie project Snowdrop of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is facing great public pressure.

Currently, the drama ” Snowdrop” marking the acting debut of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is stirring up Korean public opinion, demanding a boycott due to its involvement in sensitive political factors. However, now, the film is facing a large boycott of the Vietnamese audience because an actor in the film played an MV with content that distorts Vietnamese history.

Movies of Jisoo and Jung Hae In faced a wave of boycotts from Vietnamese audiences

Specifically, some netizens discovered that actor Heo Joon Ho – who plays the father of the female lead Young Ro (Jisoo) – participated in the MV ” Do You Know” by male singer Jung Sung Mo in 2000. Worth mentioning. The content of this MV was condemned and criticized by the audience for being suspected of distorting Vietnam’s history by building the image of the Vietnamese army with a fierce appearance and brutal action against Korean soldiers. .

Snowdrop actor Heo Joon Ho participates in the MV that distorts Vietnamese history

Not only Heo Joon Ho, this MV also features famous actress Shin Min Ah in a white ao dai. However, Shin Min Ah was also ostracized by the Vietnamese audience because there were scenes that pointed to the Korean army the base of the Vietnamese army, stigmatizing the image of Vietnamese women in white ao dai.

The images distort Vietnamese history in the MV with the participation of Shin Min Ah and Heo Joon Ho

Currently, the movie Snowdrop is facing huge pressure from Korean and Vietnamese public opinion. The domestic audience has started calling for a boycott of the film very strongly, affirming that they do not support Snowdrop even though Heo Joon Ho only plays a supporting role.

Vietnamese audiences called for a boycott of the movie Snowdrop on social networking sites:

– Having a supporting role is not acceptable, national pride is much more important.

– Never intended to watch and never will. Boycott!!!

– Unexpectedly in the film, someone played a MV that distorts Vietnamese history. Of course I didn’t watch this movie and I will boycott it completely. What I’m most interested in is the history of the country, that’s all.

– I remember when I was watching Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, I read the news that the female lead played an MV that distorts Vietnamese history and left it. So does Snowdrop now!


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