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Spotify voted for the 10 best songs in 2021: ITZY and aespa compete for 1st place, TWICE surpasses BTS, Lisa and Rosé (BLACKPINK) who made it to the top?

Looking at the top 10 hottest Kpop songs on Spotify this year, it is clear that the strong dominance of the 4th generation idols is clear.

The last days of 2021 is the time to look back at the most outstanding songs of Kpop in 2021. Spotify – the world’s leading major music platform today – has recently announced the Top 10 best songs in the Kpop playlist. Daebak voted by the platform itself. Let’s take a look to see if Spotify’s choice matches your favorite playlist.

It’s no exaggeration to say ASAP has been storming Korean social media for the past several months, and the song has also helped STAYC’s name get closer to the audience. With a dynamic, youthful melody and lyrics that hit the hearts of many people, the song reached number 10 according to Spotify’s selection.\


9. On The Ground – Rosé (BLACKPINK)
This year, BLACKPINK did not come back, but the group still has 2 representatives, Rosé and Lisa. However, in the list of 10 best songs selected by Spotify, only Rosé’s On The Ground appeared .

MV On The Ground – Rose

7. Drunk-Dazed – ENHYPEN
2 places 8 and 7 belong to the same group – ENHYPEN. The junior group of BTS and TXT quickly gained a large number of fans after coming out of the reality show I-LAND . Not only having a solid foundation, ENHYPEN also released many great and impressive songs, including FEVER and Drunk-Dazed . Thanks to that, ENHYPEN has won many Rookie awards at year-end awards ceremonies.


MV Drunk-Dazed – ENHYPEN

6. Butter – BTS
Right above ENHYPEN is the senior group of BTS . The song ” Butter” in 2021 has been associated with important events in BTS’s career. Possessing a Dynamite-like melody that has ” stormed ” 2020, Butter continues to bring BTS many resounding successes.

MV Butter – BTS

5. Hot Sauce – NCT Dream
2021 is an explosive year for NCT Dream, with Hot Sauce being the brightest highlight of the group. From album achievements to digital music, NCT Dream has broken SM’s internal records and ranked on par with BTS’s series of products. The song’s charm lies in the unique melody and chorus formed like an addictive spell.

MV Hot Sauce – NCT Dream

4. Alcohol-Free – TWICE
Among the juniors, TWICE is the 3rd generation representative who owns the song with the highest ranking in the top 10. Alcohol-Free is TWICE’s most appreciated song in 2021 thanks to its strong breakthrough. 9 JYP girls have experimented with a new music genre, bold bossa nova is not the music taste of the majority. However, the quality of Alcohol-Free has made many people rethink and acknowledge TWICE’s efforts to change the diverse styles.

MV Alcohol-Free – TWICE

3. After School – Weekly
Weekly is also a new Kpop group. Similar to ASAP (STAYC)’s viral tune on social media , After School was a huge hit that helped Weekly reach more fans. The song’s melody is catchy right from the first ring to the highly addictive chorus.

MV After School – Weekly

2. In The Morning – ITZY
2nd place belongs to another JYP representative, ITZY . The song ” In The Morning” is very popular with international audiences, bearing the girlcrush color of ITZY’s forte. The song has a fast and fast-paced melody, the catchy chorus is the highlight. Through the melody, the group’s powerful and skillful choreography has also been thoroughly flaunted.

MV In The Morning – ITZY

1. Next Level – aespa
1st place on the list belongs to aespa – SM’s rookie. The fact that the song ” Next Level” won the number one position is not too surprising given the song’s popularity in 2021. Bringing an already extremely potential remake, through the transformative hands of SM producer, ca. The song is more explosive and addictive. The song continuously ranked high on the charts for 6 months since its debut.

MV Next Level – aespa

Looking back at the list of the top 10 best Kpop songs selected by Spotify

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