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JTBC is determined not to erase Jisoo (BLACKPINK)’s Snowdrop, ending the problem of distorting history

JTBC finally spoke officially about the movie of female idol Jisoo (BLACKPINK).

After many days of keeping silent, locking audience comments and still continuously promoting Snowdrop on social networking platforms, JTBC finally officially spoke out about the scandals related to Jisoo ‘s movie (BLACKPINK). ) .

Specifically, JTBC station still stands firm on Snowdrop not distorting history or disparaging the democratization movement, emphasizing the “fictional” and “creative” of the film. The station’s representative said that the audience’s concerns will be resolved in the development of the drama, which probably means that JTBC is determined to keep this drama.

Specifically, the JTBC statement:

The film’s setting and the motif of the main events in Snowdrop is the presidential election in the military regime. In this context, it contains the fictional story that established powers must cooperate with the North Korean regime to stay in power.

Snowdrop is a creative work showing the personal stories of people who were taken advantage of by their power and had to make sacrifices. There are no spies spearheading the pro-democracy movement in the film.

Concerns about the historical distortion and disparagement of the democratization movement that the audience pointed out will be addressed in the development of the film. It contains the intention of the production team.

We can’t reveal a lot of details before each episode, but I hope you can keep an eye on what’s going on in the upcoming episodes.

In addition, JTBC has also opened a fantalk window on the portal and bulletin board to listen to the audience’s valuable opinions on the film’s content. Previously, the station had locked the audience’s comments right after episode 1 aired. JTBC also affirms that the core values ​​they pursue are freedom of content creation and independence in production. Based on this, JTBC will try its best to show good works in the future.

Currently, the Blue House has not officially commented on whether or not it has agreed to let Snowdrop continue to air, so JTBC’s statement is only a part, it cannot decide the survival of this work. However, JTBC’s attitude can give fans some peace of mind.

We are constantly updating the relevant information.

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