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People are excited when looking at Lisa BLACKPINK’s ears, there is a strange phenomenon: Someone said scar cartilage raised the nose, someone said scar caused by piercing?

Netizen was worried before looking at a strange object in Lisa's ear.

The picture of Lisa BLACKPINK celebrating Christmas is being shared by netizens on Instagram. People quickly noticed Lisa’s ears because there was something “strange”… Some people thought that she took cartilage from her ears to raise her nose, but others said it was a scar caused by piercing to again. How true is it, let’s find out with us!

The beautiful photo of Lisa turned into a “fairy” last Christmas..

Netizens argue about Lisa’s ears

If you look closely, this is not the place to take cartilage to lift the nose because it will not be “obvious” like that. As far as I know, this is a stress reliever, headache and blood-conditioning patch that Korean stars often use. On the market today, there are many compact design stickers like this, all made from natural vacuoles, so the shape and size will not be the same.

Stress relief ear patch on the market

Because of its convenience and versatility, the patch is considered as a reflexology measure for Korean stars when tired, stressed, etc. The patch will be placed around the cartilage, one ear at a time, gently pressing often. to stimulate the acupuncture points. As directed, the next time use about 3 days and alternately use each ear for best results.

Some comments from former users:

– Pretty good quality, I put it on my ear and it relieves my headache by 70%.

– The sticker is compact so no one notices, every time I stress, I stick it out of habit.

– This is something that Koreans use all the time, I just tried it once from a Chinese company and found it to be temporary, not deified as rumored. It will probably take a long time to take effect.

In conclusion, this is a product suitable for those who are under long-term stress and pressure, which has the effect of reducing fatigue, regulating blood pressure, and helping to relax the mind effectively. The price is extremely “chestnut”, so whoever needs it, “pick it up” right away!

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