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Jennie BLACKPINK shows off local brand’s armpit bag

The handbag that Jennie wore caused a storm for a while, and it was very "suitable" with any item.

Last night (December 28), Jennie from the Hac Huong family posted a series of beautiful photos on her personal Instagram page, the thing that caught my attention the most was this butter green armpit bag of hers.

Photo: @jennierubyjane

Strange but turned out to be familiar, this bag model has been worn by Ms. Jen many times, her fans will surely find her face familiar. It is known that this is Nieeh’s ENVELOPE Bag – a Korean local brand that is “rumored” to be Jennie’s and her best friend’s own fashion brand.

Jennie has taken pictures to “show off” this bag model many times before.

Regarding trend creation, it must be said that Jennie is Monday, no one on Sunday, this bag is no exception. The first time it appeared, this “em” bag made a storm on all fronts, even then it was quickly promoted enthusiastically by Kbiz.

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Soojin (G-IDLE) wore both bags and hoodies of local brand Nieeh.

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