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There are a few idols who can do it like Jisoo (BLACKPINK): bare face…

Jisoo had an excellent role in Snowdrop without being afraid to lose her goddess title.

Ignoring the controversy related to distorting history, Snowdrop is definitely the most worth-watching Korean movie title in recent times, not only because of the investment in content and image, but Snowdrop also owns a quality cast. quantity. Among them, the idol girl Jisoo (BLACKPINK). This is her first project as a lead actress. Although Jisoo’s acting ability is not so excellent, it is extremely “stable” for a rookie actor.

Besides, there is also the level of sacrifice for the role of Jisoo. Because, usually, Kpop idols often have to keep the image of “goddess” in the eyes of fans. Not only did she accept to do her best for the role of Young Ro, but Jisoo also had to overcome her fear of heights, even without a stunt to complete the scenes in the best way. From going bare-faced to taking off her clothes for a bathing scene, showing cryptic expressions that an idol would never do were all tried by Jisoo.

Don’t talk about idols, professional actors not everyone confidently shows off their 100% bare face like Jisoo

In the behind-the-scenes episode 5 of Snowdrop, Jisoo did the overhead shots on her own even though she has a fear of heights. The two actors even had stuntmen underneath but they decided to do the scene themselves

Even Jisoo wasn’t afraid to “take off” in the scene of protecting handsome Soo Ho at Snowdrop

Jisoo’s acting is receiving a lot of compliments from the audience, especially the eye acting scenes

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