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Rosé’s YouTube channel (BLACKPINK) surpassed 3.5 million subscribers, surpassing Solar (MAMAMOO) but still ranked 4th in Kpop?

Rosé's personal YouTube channel only ranks 4th in Kpop, so who are the top 3?

YouTube is the world’s largest video posting platform today, most artists and groups will upload videos here. In addition, many artists also have their own personal YouTube channels. Based on the views and subscribers, we can track the popularity of the artists.

Most notably, in the list of 5 female artists with the most subscribers in Kpop, up to 3/5 names belong to BLACKPINK (only 3/4 of BLACKPINK members own a personal YouTube channel, “oldest sister”. Jisoo doesn’t have a personal YouTube channel).

Most recently, member Rosé, after 7 months to “mark” her personal YouTube channel, uploaded a new cover video on December 28, after only a few days the video has collected more than 1.4 million views. According to statistics from Social Blade, this video also helped her gain 90K new subscribers, officially surpassing 3.5 million subscribers.\

Rose cover Wildfire

With this number, Rosé has risen to 4th place in the list of female Kpop idols with the most subscribers on YouTube, surpassing Solar (MAMAMOO) but still behind 2 other BLACKPINK members, Lisa, Jennie and after IU.

Currently, Lisa (BLACKPINK)’s YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, is at the top of the list with 9.48 million subscribers, ranked 2nd is Jennie (BLACKPINK) with Jennierubyjane Official channel with 7.59 million subsribe and 3rd place belongs to Lisa (BLACKPINK). about IU with 7.24 million subscribers.

Lisa’s YouTube channel is at the top with 9.48 million subscribers

Jennie ranked 2nd with 7.59 million subscribers

IU ranked 3rd with a YouTube channel of 7.24 million subscribers

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