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The two extremes of BLACKPINK on stage: Lisa and Rosé are cheerful and Jennie is gloomy and angry, right?

Why is BLACKPINK's atmosphere so weird?

BLACKPINK ‘s teamwork is always a curious topic for the Kpop fan community. YG’s girlgroup has been repeatedly “unmasked” by “fake” reactions, reluctant to give each other, but there are also many moments when they really show their close sisterhood.

In 2021, BLACKPINK has almost no joint activities except for the online concert ” The Show” which took place at the end of January. Perhaps because they miss the image of the 4 girls appearing together, fans are constantly “digging up” the songs. old fancam.

Thanks to that, a moment of confusion about BLACKPINK’s teamwork in the past was also brought to light in the eyes of Kpop fans. The fancam below was filmed at the end of October 2017, when BLACKPINK performed at the Pyongchang Music Festival .

Jennie’s “attitude” is extremely tense while Lisa and Rosé laugh happily

While the youngest members, Lisa and Rosé, were laughing and joking beside each other, Jennie just quietly stood a distance away with a cold and incomprehensible expression. The atmosphere of BLACKPINK is like two polar opposites, the bright side, the dark side. Even the oldest sister, Jisoo, bewilderedly followed Jennie with a bewildered look on her face.

Watching maknae line joking around…

… look at Jennie’s expression and suddenly feel confused..

It seems that Jisoo is also confused by her coldness

Some people guess that Jennie is tired of going to rehearsals, there are also people who speculate in a negative way that BLACKPINK is… angry at each other. Whatever the reason, Jennie was still criticized for indirectly ruining the atmosphere of the rehearsal that should have been cheerful.

– Jisoo looked at Jennie like she didn’t know who she was or where she was.

– Jennie’s face is too tight. Wear sunglasses to sleep or what?

– Poor Jisoo is clearly confused.

– Jennie looks like a casino boss there.

– Jennie is like a 5-year-old child sulking because she can’t be given candy.

– Maybe she’s just tired, being a K-pop idol isn’t easy.

-Is Jennie’s expression always so serious?

I don’t know what problem Jennie had, but that day was so sad?

Jennie’s “difficulty” that day until now is still a big question mark for the Kpop fan community. Not only being cold to the sisters, Jennie also lost her vitality when rehearsing the choreography of 3 songs, ” Playing With Fire”, “Stay” and ” As If It’s Your Last” . This inadvertently created conditions for anti-fans to “stone” her vehemently. Everyone thinks that Jennie has already contracted the princess disease, thinking that she is a star, so she has a negligent attitude towards work.

At this time, BLACKPINK’s debut has only been 1 year, but it has soon attracted attention and achieved many remarkable achievements as a rookie. Out of the 4 members, Jennie is the one who is constantly entangled in the most scandals.

From being criticized for being favored by YG, Jennie was gradually labeled as pompous and pompous, and sometimes even had a lazy “sad” on stage. Before BLACKPINK achieved global success and each member had their own stable career like now, Jennie was almost the target of “venting anger” from both the fandom and the media.

In 2017, BLACKPINK was still a “newbie” of Kpop, but Jennie alone soon got into many markets

She only missed once with the name “YG princess”, since then Jennie has been scrutinized for everything she does

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