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Snowdrop episode 6 continues to shed tears: Jisoo (BLACKPINK) stabbed herself to death, even threatened to shoot by her crush

Soo Ho's way of "repaying" to Young Ro seems to be getting more and more outrageous in episode 6 Snowdrop.

Thought to have died when suddenly ambushed in the previous episode, did not expect Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) to successfully escape in episode 6 Snowdrop by returning to the dormitory again. In another development, fortunately, in the fierce battle in episode 5, Young Ro’s brother ( Jisoo ) was still alive and only seriously injured.

After many cold moments with his lover, Soo Ho bandaged Young Ro’s wound when he saw her injured hand

The development of episode 6 Snowdrop was more dramatic when Soo Ho and his teammates suddenly turned, he even shot his ally to warn him not to go over the limit. Besides, Nam Tae II (Park Sung Woong) asked Kang Chung Ya ( Yoo In Na ) to pretend to cure the dormitory but actually instigated her to kill Soo Ho’s team.

Episode 6 Snowdrop continues as Soo Ho keeps his promise and decides to release some of the schoolgirls. However, Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) protested because she felt it was unfair that only female students with rich families could be released. Therefore, even Young Ro decided to stay. When Chung Ya entered the dormitory for treatment, she ran into Soo Ho. And judging from their reactions, there was a high possibility that the two were acquaintances. Maybe Chung Ya holds a very important role, maybe even this doctor is a spy.

When Soo Ho was about to continue to randomly select female students to release them, the others were once again disgruntled and rioted. At this time, Young Ro felt guilty that the sorority was imprisoned because of her. Therefore, she got mad at Soo Ho and even confessed that she was the daughter of the Director of Security, Soo Ho’s enemy and begged him to arrest only herself and release the others. . Episode 6 Snowdrop closes with Soo Ho’s triumphant smile as it looks like he’s achieved his main goal by grasping the enemy’s weak points.

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