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BLACKPINK’s reaction when asked to marry: Jennie is “must have a ring”

Not only famous in the K-pop world, BLACKPINK is also one of the hottest global girl groups at the moment. It can be seen that although it has been a long time since a comeback, the girls' heat still shows no sign of cooling down. On social networking forums, fans always talk about stories about the 4 girls. Recently, many netizens have summarized the lovely reactions of the members when asked to marry.

The stories surrounding BLACKPINK are of interest to the people. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

BLACKPINK members often joke with each other about getting married. Even in direct meetings with idols, BLINK also humorously asked the members to marry. Although they were just joking questions, fans were very attentive to the reactions of each member. Accordingly, BLINK divided the group into 4 types of people when asked to marry, including: the easy system, the quick system, the married system and the ring system.

4 girls have different reactions when being proposed to. (Photo: Twitter @blackpinkjpgs)

Rosé is a member who is classified as an easygoing member because she accepts wedding invitations too quickly. Specifically, during a livestream, Jennie jokingly asked her sister: ” Marry me Rosé?” . Immediately after, the ” Ok ” answer of main vocal BLACKPINK caused an explosion on social networks. Fans also joked that it seems that because the person who proposed was Jennie, Rosé agreed so quickly.

Rosé is easy going when proposed. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @tracy__022)

BLACKPINK entered the Top 100 most beautiful faces in the world.
In contrast, the main rapper of BLACKPINK is very opinionated in marriage. Once when a fan proposed at a concert, the female idol immediately spread her hand and hinted that she had to have a ring. This action of Jennie made the fans “laugh out loud”, but they also thought that she was a serious person in love and marriage.

It’s not easy to propose to Jennie. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @tracy__022)

On the other hand, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK once flatly refused Lisa when asked: “Jisoo marry me?”. Immediately after this question of the youngest, Jisoo decisively replied, ” Sorry “, making the fans extremely regretful. This also shows that the female idol, like Jennie, is quite serious when it comes to marriage. Many fans also speculate that to propose to BLACKPINK’s eldest sister is not an easy task.

Jisoo’s refusal to “go underground”. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @tracy__022)

Lisa made people “laugh out loud” when asked: “Lisa marry me? “. The female idol’s reaction was to immediately shake her head, then point at Rosé. Fans think that BLACKPINK’s youngest member is implicitly implying that she is already “Rosé’s person”, so she cannot accept the marriage proposal. Therefore, the fans put LALISA’s voice into the married system.

Lisa’s muddy reply made fans even more motivated to row “LiChaeng boat”. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @tracy__022)

Even though it was just the four girls’ joking answers, the fans still showed interest. Fans feel closer to BLACKPINK through small stories.

Fans are still waiting for the day BLACKPINK releases music products together. (Photo: Twitter @bpnkthinker)

After a period of active group activities, now BLACKPINK is gradually turning to a solo path. There have been 3 out of 4 members officially released the album with individual roles. At the same time, each girl received a lot of support from the audience. Besides, Jisoo made her solo debut through her first movie called ” Snowdrop”. In 2022, fans are waiting for the group to make a grand comeback.

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