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Luxury like Jennie: Christmas vacation at the hotel 18,700 USD/night

After running the show continuously, the BLACKPINK girls recently spend a lot of time for themselves. Recently, netizens also discovered that Jennie checked-in at an expensive hotel. Accordingly, she is on vacation this Christmas season.

People are excited with Jennie’s Christmas photo series. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Into the Christmas atmosphere this year, Jennie posted a series of funny photos and sent her wishes to her fans. In the photo, the female idol transforms into a “joyful tree” with a sweet green outfit. Besides, the lovely and natural expression of main rapper BLACKPINK also makes netizens “laugh”.

Jennie’s “fainting” moment. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Questioning Jennie’s appearance in Jisoo’s Snowdrop.
However, the most special feature in the photo is the location where Jennie took the photo. It is known that this place is Paradise City – a luxury hotel that Rosé previously stayed in. This is one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Seoul. Every year, Paradise attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to relax.

A corner of the space where the female idol is. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

From the pictures Jennie posted, netizens predicted that she was staying at the Grand Deluxe Pool Villa – the most luxurious room of the hotel. It is equipped with a lot of modern equipment and furniture, amenities such as bathtub, hot water, fireplace or private swimming pool.

Of course, with a series of high-end services above, the cost of this room is not small. Accordingly, the nightly price of Grand Deluxe Pool Villa is up to 18,700 USD, . This number makes fans surprised, but compared to the geographical location as well as the services provided in the hotel, the above value is absolutely worth it.


The female idol’s room is expensive. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Before Jennie came to check-in, Paradise City Hotel was also the place where Rosé used to visit. At that time, people had the opportunity to see the top beauty of the female idol when she relaxed by the pool or the main room of the hotel. Therefore, fans are sure that Jennie will have a great vacation like Rosé before.

Rosé shows off her beautiful figure in the hotel. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

This Christmas season, instead of dressing up to attend many luxurious events, the main rapper of BLACKPINK chose to relax in Paradise City. Before that, she confidently showed off a photo of her bare face and posed next to a dark sofa. At the same time, the female idol also wore an extremely simple outfit. Despite going against the majority, Solo’s voice still attracts the attention of the public.

Jennie dressed simply for Christmas. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

In previous years, Jennie welcomed Christmas more spectacularly when continuously checking-in beside the brilliant pine trees. Therefore, the clothes that Jennie wears are also more sophisticated than this year. Since then, netizens believe that the female idol is tending to minimize everything. Even Jennie and BLACKPINK also limited their participation in entertainment events at the end of this year

Before that, Jennie chose pretty fancy outfits. (Photo: Onehallyu)

Recently, the solo vocalist is spending a lot of time taking care of herself. She is happy when she can be with her loved ones. Occasionally, Jennie still participates in major fashion and art projects at home and abroad.

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