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What is the most beautiful part of the face of the BLACKPINK members?

In the previous post, I have already revealed to everyone what is the part that makes up the brand for the body of BLACKPINK members. So today, let’s discover on their beautiful and graceful faces, which part is the highest. Surely it will be extremely interesting and will not disappoint everyone after discovering them all.


Up to now, heart lips have always been considered the standard and most beautiful lip shape for people of East Asia in particular or Asia in general. The eldest sister of the group Jisoo is the member who has beautiful lips according to this standard. Jisoo’s heart-shaped lips can be seen with just one look and quickly become mesmerized by it. That’s why Jisoo is never absent in the charts of beautiful lips of K-pop idols.

It is the outstanding advantage of lips that Jisoo’s lipstick ad shoots always stand out. (Photo: IG)

With this outstanding advantage, Jisoo has become much more outstanding and superior in lipstick advertising photos for the cult brand that she holds the title of global ambassador. In addition, thanks to these 10 points lips, it also helps to embellish her already extremely beautiful beauty. Calling Jisoo a K-pop idol with perfect beauty is an accurate and very reasonable compliment.


Jennie’s cat eyes are considered the pinnacle of Korean entertainment. (Photo: IG)

Not only idols, but Korean celebrities in general rarely have unique cat eyes like Jennie. Currently, Jennie is the only Korean star with this outstanding and special feature. So every time Jennie appeared, everyone kept staring at her, looking at her unique eyes forever.

Despite not wearing too much makeup, Jennie still stands out. (Photo: IG)

Jisoo’s muse beauty is adorned with heart-shaped lips while Jennie’s unusual beauty is highlighted by seductive cat eyes. Another special thing to praise is that whether with heavy makeup, dewy makeup or no makeup, the first thing that catches Jennie’s eyes is still her eyes. Perhaps thanks to these attractive eyes, Jennie became as impressive, top-notch and popular in all aspects as she is today.


In addition to the unique voice color, surreal waistline and increasingly top-notch aura, the “Australian rose” also has another outstanding advantage that is a perfectly straight nose. Having this top-notch nose, Rosé can defy all angles and still confidently produce beautiful and impressive moments. It can be humorously said that you can also imagine the scene of playing a slide on Rosé’s nose.

Thanks to her high nose, her angles are more divine. (Photo: Pinterest)

People often say that the nose is a part that plays an important role in making the overall face more beautiful and harmonious. When admiring Rosé’s beauty, fans have somewhat understood this point of view. Indeed, having a perfectly straight nose like Rosé must be very happy.


Lisa’s hair is seen as both funny and like an interesting mystery in K-pop history. (Photo: Pinterest)

When it comes to the youngest Lisa’s part, it’s a bit funny but I think everyone will agree with this choice. Lisa’s best part in the face is definitely the “immutable” bangs. This became famous and even went viral on social media for a while. No matter how much she dances, Lisa’s bangs are still in style and salon-quality.

Lisa’s hair is always beautiful even though she is very happy on stage. (Photo: Pinterest)

In fact, Lisa’s bangs are “invariant” because of the appropriate thickness. It helps Lisa’s face become more attractive and always maintains a certain level of neatness no matter how strongly she moves. Among the members of the group, this advantage of Lisa is the most famous and has become a brand. Now, just mentioning the phrase “bangs in K-pop”, I’m sure it’s always Lisa’s name that will be called first.

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