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Snowdrop actor suddenly passed away, sadly looking back at the once “big sister” image of Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

The news of the passing of actress Snowdrop made the audience extremely sad.

On the afternoon of January 5, the Korean press suddenly reported that actress Kim Mi Soo had passed away at the age of 30. This information made the audience extremely surprised and even more sad when at the present time, the role of Kim Mi Soo. her at Snowdrop is still on air. The cause of death has not been disclosed by the family at this time.

In Snowdrop , although he appeared not much, the actor was strongly impressed by his appearance. She plays Yeo Jeong Min, the super cool short-haired friend of Young Ro (Jisoo). Looks calm, a little cold, but actually Jeong Min is extremely kind, gentle and always helps Young Ro and his classmates.

Jisoo and Mi Soo are very close to each other

Born in 1992, Kim Mi Soo entered the profession quite late when still just a rookie in the Korean film industry. Participated in quite a few projects, but it was not until Snowdrop that she really got noticed. Unfortunately, in the midst of a budding career, actress Kim Mi Soo passed away.

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