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No need for fans to check, the male idol “peeled” his relationship with Lisa (BLACKPINK) through a couple item?

The special relationship between Lisa (BLACKPINK) and this male idol is a topic discussed by many fans.

BLACKPINK is one of the most well-connected groups in Kpop, each member of the group has a very “genuine” best friend group. Most recently, people have known a special friend of the youngest Lisa . That is Bangchan (Stray Kids) .

On the livestream, the leader of Stray Kids revealed a special birthday gift. The male idol shared about the gift giver, “You may already know who it is. I received a gift from a very ‘Pretty Savage’ person (beautiful and cool). And that person is very talented. “. Pretty Savage is BLACKPINK’s hit, and without letting fans wait long, Bangchan confirmed that it was Lisa.

On the livestream, Bangchan revealed about his relationship…

… with Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Although Lisa gave Bangc han a birthday present 2 months late, the male idol was extremely grateful to her best friend: “Thank you very much for the late birthday gift, but it doesn’t matter. Thank you very much.” . The male idol also revealed that the gift was the black hoodie he was wearing. Bangchan loves it so much that he declares that “This is my favorite hoodie right now”.

More surprisingly, fans have noticed that Lisa also has a similar shirt and comes from the same brand. This makes people wonder about the real relationship of the two idols, whether they are just close friends or have some other hidden love. Lisa and Bangchan, both born in 1997, have been friends since they were trainees. Team leader Stray Kids said they have been friends for at least about 8 years.

Lisa has a shirt quite similar to the one she gave to Bangchan, which makes people constantly speculate about the couple’s relationship.

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