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SNOWDROP (JTBC 2021) 4 privileges that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) enjoys from Jung Hae In: He’s so sweet, it’s worth the effort to undress to rescue!

The overzealous chemistry between Jisoo and Jung Hae In at Snowdrop raised the suspicion of "real love drama".

Snowdrop not only made the audience cry because of the opposite love story of the couple Young Ro ( Jisoo ) and Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) but also made them fall because of the fiery chemistry between the couple from the movie. to real life. That’s right, because looking at Jung Hae In’s privileges for Jisoo from the movie to the real life below, everyone must fall in love!

1. In the movie, Soo Ho can be rough with the whole world but only gentle with Young Ro.

Soo Ho is inherently an extremely cold person who can be ready to kill anyone to achieve his goals. This is shown by the fact that he directly shot his teammates as a warning. But with Young Ro, the daughter of Soo Ho’s biggest enemy, he didn’t have the heart to hurt her or let anyone harm Young Ro.

It’s okay if he doesn’t eat for days, but Young Ro must be warm

2. Young Ro seems to be the first to break Soo Ho’s cold ice, making him open up about himself and his family


Soo Ho gives Young Ro his sister’s necklace, the most precious thing that Soo Ho has. She even made him break his “defence” and go back to meet Young Ro

Even though we haven’t met for a long time, Soo Ho is still open with Young Ro about his family

You are so sweet, I vow to even take off my clothes to save him!

3. Not only in the movie, the female lead Jisoo is also watched, cared for and guided by Jung Hae In

Jisoo recently shared, “No one has watched my filming like Hae In. I’m very lucky to have him as my first co-star. And I hope to work with him. again in the future.”

Cheering and encouraging Jisoo to the fullest when she knows she is afraid of heights

4. Jisoo is the only co-star that Jung Hae In “hints” most enthusiastically, even pushing the new boat by herself!

On Jisoo’s birthday, Jung Hae In uploaded a photo of a paper plane folded and written by Young Ro herself. In the previous press conference, he even shared that he brought the plane that Jisoo folded and wrote home.

Jisoo is also the only co-star that Jung Hae In interacts with the most on social media. Even Jung Hae In’s relatives like biological brother, stylist, best friend,… all follow Jisoo

Jung Hae In was too shy to look Jisoo in the eye when taking a poster, which he has never done before

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