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Rosé (BLACKPINK) was speaking when something went wrong, Tzuyu’s (TWICE) reaction made fans “heartbroken”

Tzuyu (TWICE) smiled affectionately at her friend Rosé when BLACKPINK received the award at an event in January 2019.

In Kpop girl groups, TWICE and BLACKPINK are considered by netizens as ” invincible rivals”, competing fiercely. Fandom Once and Blink often fight fiercely, creating “landslides” fan wars. However, the members of the two groups have a friendly relationship and a lovely friendship in real life.

Recently, a video recording TWICE’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s speech received attention on social media. This is the situation at the Gaon Chart Music Awards ceremony held in January 2019. BLACKPINK received the June “Artist of the Year” award (digital music) with the hit ” Ddu-du Ddu-du”.

Tzuyu smiles with Rosé as BLACKPINK accepts the award at Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019

When BLACKPINK spoke, the TWICE girls clapped their hands in congratulations and listened attentively. In particular, Tzuyu smiled when it was Rosé’s turn to speak in English in front of the microphone. Because she was so nervous, Rosé forgot to thank Blink, and the situation made Tzuyu laugh.

Funny situation when Rosé gave a speech

TWICE claps to congratulate BLACKPINK on receiving the award

Tzuyu laughed when Rosé spoke

Tzuyu’s lovely expression for her friend BLACKPINK makes the fan association “warm”

Normally, Tzuyu is quite quiet, showing little emotion. However, she has a special response to Rosé. In the real-life relationships of BLACKPINK and TWICE, the trio Chaeyoung – Tzuyu – Rosé is also said to have a close friendship. Therefore, the interaction between Tzuyu and Rosé made many fans excited, praising the cuteness of YG and JYP idols.

Some comments:

– Tzuyu also couldn’t resist Rosé’s charm and cuteness.

– Should I climb the TzuRosé boat?

– Tzuyu is very delicate. When BLACKPINK went up to receive the award, they even pulled up a chair for BLACKPINK to pass by for convenience.

-It would be nice if the 2 fandoms were as cute as this.

– Rosé goes anywhere to listen to, it’s also hard to have a girl-killing idol at home.

-I thought Tzuyu was just close with Lisa. Was it with Rosé too?

In TWICE, Rosé is known for her close friendship with Chaeyoung

Some rumors suggest that Tzuyu and Rosé are also very close in real life. However, the two girls have never publicly taken a photo together

Tzuyu and Rosé chat at the 2018 Golden Disc Awards

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