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The internet detective has found evidence that Jisoo is dating Jung Hae In: BLACKPINK goddess is so revealing, has the screen love turned into a real boyfriend?

Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In are currently the most enthusiastic couple "pushing boats" thanks to the movie Snowdrop.

Jisoo – Jung Hae In is the hot couple of the movie Snowdrop. Thanks to the sweet “chemical reactions” and the compatibility, the people constantly “pushed the boat” on the couple.

Most recently, internet detectives have finally discovered a series of “hints” of the couple’s coincidence, raising the suspicion that Jisoo – Jung Hae In is really dating in real life. Even these evidences have appeared since 2020, making people even more feverish about the real relationship of the Snowdrop couple .

Fans discovered that on Christmas 2020, Jisoo – Jung Hae In shared a photo on December 25. The most special thing is that the two stars wear the same shirt as a couple

In May 2021…

… and in June 2021, the couple continuously checked-in at the same place. However, there is an opinion that Jisoo – Jung Hae In together took pictures at the filming location. But does it have to be so obvious?

Jung Hae In…

… and Jisoo both love using the white heart icon

Couple wearing the same shoe

On Jisoo’s 27th birthday, Jung Hae In uploaded a photo of a paper airplane folded and written by Youngro (Jisoo’s character in Snowdrop). Jung Hae In once shared that he brought home the plane that Jisoo folded and wrote on his own. This is my happy birthday to my co-star

Jisoo – Jung Hae In is enthusiastically “pushed the boat” by the people, but when will they become a real couple?


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