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Lisa (BLACKPINK) surpassed 49 billion views on TikTok, becoming the female artist with the most-viewed hashtag on this platform!

However, Lisa is only 4th in the list of artists with the most individual hashtag views on TikTok, after 3 members of BTS.

In 2020, Google.com was the number 1 domain and TikTok ranked 7, everything changed after only one year when TikTok “climbed” to the top position, pushing Google down to No. 2. ByteDance’s short video app recorded explosive growth during Covid-19, hitting 1 billion monthly active users in September.

And the American tech giant was dethroned by TikTok in 2021, which is a short video platform that attracts a huge number of viewers. With only hashtags on TikTok, you will easily find the issues you care about, so even without a personal TikTok account , BLACKPINK member Lisa still holds a huge record on this platform.

Specifically, the hashtag #Lisa has surpassed 49 billion views, becoming the female artist with the highest views on TikTok. In addition, Lisa also owns 3 other personal hashtags surpassing 1 billion views, #Lisa increased by 1 billion views in just 8 days, and the youngest member BLACKPINK is currently ranked 4th among the artist’s personal hashtags. the most views on TikTok.

The top 3 of the list of artist’s personal hashtags with the most views on TikTok belong to 3 BTS members, Jungkook (95.6 billion views), Jimin (83.4 billion views) and Taehyung (66.8 billion views). ).


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