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Criticize Jisoo (BLACKPINK) for bad acting, bad visuals? Check out this series of Snowdrop photos and then let’s talk!

Jisoo step by step proves that she is worthy to take the lead role in Snowdrop.

Before and after the Snowdrop (Galanthus) broadcast, Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ) always receive many mixed opinions of the audience. Many people think that she is just a “dreamer” idol who kicks the stage into acting, has no experience, and her voice is bad. But after 9 episodes, Jisoo has proven herself to be an actor with potential, completely not overshadowed by other co-stars.

See the lovely Dior skincare ambassador

Phung because I thought I couldn’t answer the phone

Rejoice immediately, thank you very much

Ruffled hair wearing glasses is still so youthful

Jisoo’s standard beautiful nose bridge

Surprise mixed with fear

When I first fell in love, I always felt like waxing when I saw a boy

Do these eyes and smile make you crazy

The moment when Jung Hae In was taken as a hostage

The scene where Jisoo shed tears caused a stir from Korea to China, Vietnam… Her face was red because of emotion.

Change in emotions after just a few seconds: From being emotional and angry at being betrayed by your lover to being cold and calm


Even the darkness can’t overshadow Jisoo’s beauty

Acting pitiful to lure Jung Hae In into a trap

Being slapped by the stepmother still responds very well

People fainted but still so pretty

Netizens’ comments:

– At first when I took on the role, I was really worried about Jisoo, I was afraid that she couldn’t be bashed but gradually saw how much effort Jisoo put into the role of Young Ro. Like Hae In said, Jisoo has very beautiful eyes that are very attractive. First time debuting as an actress and first lead role, acting like this is so good.

– I’m so proud of my little sister. After the controversies are clarified, it is only hoped that the film crew and cast, especially Jisoo, will be more recognized and loved.

– Vibe first love. Idols who kick the pitch are easily disappointed in their visuals unlike the stage, but watching the movie, I honestly don’t think Jisoo is that pretty even though she’s normally pretty. Her hair was wet with tears and her makeup was pale but still pretty.

– The trailer was a bit stiff, but when I watched the cuts, I found that she was both pretty and good at acting. In general, go to HE for me to see.

-I watched it at first because of Jung Hae In. Objectively, Jisoo plays the role really well, this first lead role is very good, although there are many shortcomings, but it should not be too strict. What if the rookie you ask for acting must be like a veteran actor, it’s not great, but it’s not so bad that it doesn’t absorb as the antis say. I hope that Jisoo in the future will improve and get more recognition as an actress.

Source: Maybe You Never Watched This Movie

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