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The new generation’s tear queen please call Jisoo (BLACKPINK) name, every scene is so beautiful that she’s speechless.

Jisoo's crying scenes at Snowdrop are not only beautiful, but also make the audience heartbroken and tormented.

Although she caused a lot of controversy about her acting ability before Snowdrop aired, but Jisoo (BLACKPINK) proved to viewers that she is completely suitable for the role of an actress. Her acting is even appreciated in the crying scenes when Jisoo fully portrays the tension between love and hate of young Eun Young Ro. Because, the actress is so immersed in the role that fans forget the famous female idol image. In the contrasting scenes between Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) and Young Ro, Jisoo led the audience to follow each character’s emotional level. The sadness of being betrayed by the person you trust the most or the innocence and innocence when seeing her smile.

Jisoo has eyes that can talk, this is absolutely a powerful advantage she showed at Snowdrop

The scene that touched the audience the most was when Young Ro had just prayed to see Soo Ho again soon, but when they were together, she was threatened by the person she loved as a hostage.

After suffering because of love, Young Ro was in pain to death again and again when she heard that her brother had died, and more confusingly, the person she liked was likely the mastermind. Snowdrop is too cruel for Young Ro!

Even though it’s her first role, what Jisoo shows is not like a rookie actor at all. Sometimes they even eat dozens of new generation actors!

Her heartbreak when she fell in love with someone she absolutely couldn’t love and was shaken in a difficult situation touched and saddened fans.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a female lead cry so ecstatically!

Even though it’s only half way through, but Jisoo has cried until her tears, how long is the director planning to torture her sister?

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