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“Clean your eyes” with Lisa’s photobook: It’s true that the world’s most beautiful face is different!

Every frame of "the most beautiful face in the world 2021" Lisa (BLACKPINK) is absolutely irresistible.

At the end of 2021, Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) was selected by TC Candler as the most beautiful beauty in the world. Not the visual in the group, but Lisa has a great beauty and body. Over time, the beauty of the “holy body” is more and more attractive, recognized by both fans and experts.

The series of photos from the latest LALISA photobook have proven the top-notch visual of the beauties with the most beautiful face in the world. The youngest member of BLACKPINK transforms like a chameleon with all kinds of styles, from luxurious and gorgeous with Thai traditional costumes to glamorous, girlcrush-style on motorbikes or cold and beautiful like a snow princess. True to the class of the most beautiful face in the world, Lisa “weighs” every extremely sharp shape. “Holy body” did not forget to show off her charming figure, especially the famous ant waist.

New series of photos prove the beauty of the most beautiful face in the world. In Thai traditional costume, Lisa is gorgeous and luxurious like a queen

The more I look at it, the more I fall in love with the beautiful and sharp beauty of BLACKPINK’s maknae. Lisa is not the visual of the group but she is appreciated for both her body and now her beauty

Looking at Lisa’s stunning close-up photo, everyone must be in awe. With a beauty as sharp as a living doll, perfect with no dead corners, why was Lisa chosen as the most beautiful beauty in the world?

Lisa transforms into a cold and haughty snow princess. Her big eyes become the sexiest feature in the picture

Lisa’s “billionaire” personality makes the fangirl block fall. The short-haired version of Lisa turned out to be equally top-notch

Everyone is drawn to Lisa’s beautiful face with sharp lines

The more people look closely, the more people have to admit that Lisa has a doll-like visual

As the “holy body” of Kpop, Lisa did not forget to show off her famous top-notch physique. The 60cm ant waist that has caused storms once again occupies the spotlight in the frame

Lisa is enchantingly beautiful in black and white photos. Her eyes alone make people fall in love

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