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This is the male god that fans “requested to marry” Jisoo (BLACKPINK) urgently: The visual is overwhelmingly beautiful, and Jung Hae In is left out?

The sweet chemistry between Jisoo and this actor at Snowdrop is making the audience faint and push the boat despite it.

In addition to the “married couple” Jisoo and Jung Hae In who were enthusiastically pushed by fans at Snowdrop , recently the internet has been buzzing with the appearance of a male god that makes the sisters ” fall in love”. , shipped by fans despite the goddess Jisoo. And this handsome man is Kim Min Kyu , the actor who plays the role of Gyeok Chan, who is amused by the audience as “a hot comrade like ice cream”.

The fact that Kim Min Kyu is enthusiastically pushing the boat with Jisoo comes from a scene in the backstage of Snowdrop. At the end of the scene, Kim Min Kyu lamented that he had to carry a gun weighing more than 30kg. However, when he saw Jisoo coming over, the actor quickly got up and gave her a seat. Even when he saw Jisoo barefoot, he was so “soft” that he ran to get her shoes right away.

The sweet “chemical reaction” of the same-age couple, Jisoo and Kim Min Kyu, makes the audience want to let Jung Hae In out immediately and forever.

Jisoo is always friendly and extremely energetic behind the scenes. That’s why it’s okay to be loved by other actors!

Kim Min Kyu is known as “the male god of dimples” and “the national supporting man” because each movie he participates in creates a great attraction.

Netizens’ comments:

– He really went to get shoes, I want to ship this pair, he looks so soft Jisoo.

– Miss Jisoo has a great chemistry with her co-stars, including the male lead or the supporting actor.

– Look behind the scenes like a classic love triangle motif. Comrade Kem, dear, wants to faint.

– From the day I saw the part where this guy high-fived her, and then the three of them stood next to each other laughing, their hearts were still unstable. Must keep a cool head not to capsize the boat…

– Stop talking, marry Miss Jisoo immediately!

– Hey, I’ve noticed this guy and Jisoo a few times, but unfortunately there’s no loveline in the movie.

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