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Super rare video: Jisoo (BLACKPINK) has a friendly conversation with RM (BTS), but what is the truth?

The female idol who is very similar to Jisoo (BLACKPINK) appeared in a video with RM (BTS) causing people to stir.

Recently, a video caused a stir in the Kpop fan community. The video was posted on Instagram, receiving more than 27,000 likes after only 3 days, along with hundreds of comments. At first glance, many people will think that Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is chatting with RM (BTS) . The two sit close together, constantly having close interactions. “Jisoo” didn’t hesitate to pat RM’s shoulder and “touch” RM comfortably.

Video that confuses Kpop fans: When did Jisoo and RM have a close conversation?

The video confuses many fans. Many BLACKPINK fans try to “recall their memory” to see what event this is but still have no memory of the close interaction between Jisoo and the leader of BTS. As for the Army, many international fans are also “dumb” about this situation. This is a time when RM looks very young, and it’s hard for international fans to follow BTS in recent years to know the bottom line!

Looks a lot like Jisoo but is it Jisoo?

Many comments wonder if that female idol is Jisoo or not

However, the truth about the video was quickly explained by the “early ARMYs”. This is the moment that took place at the KCON New York event on June 30, 2016. The female idol in the video looks a lot like Jisoo, but she’s not Jisoo! This girl is Ailee , the female singer nicknamed “Korean Beyonce”, the owner of a series of hits like I Will Show You, I Will Go to You Like the First Snow…

Ailee and RM MC for KCON New York 2016

At KCON New York 2016, RM and Ailee held the MC duties of the program. The video recorded behind-the-scenes footage, in which Ailee was very enthusiastic, constantly chatting with the leader of BTS. Many international fans wonder why a female idol can actively interact openly with male idols in front of the camera like that.

In response to questions about the “somewhat overly intimate” situation between Ailee and RM, some fans said that Ailee has a laid-back personality because she has lived in the US since childhood. Also, this is a situation where the audience asked RM to do aegyo, but he was too shy. Therefore, Ailee encouraged RM to make a lovely expression, and the leader of BTS immediately had an extremely “reluctant” aegyo.

Not Jisoo, friends. This female idol is Ailee

This is also one of the rare times that the BTS leader takes on the position of music festival MC. Since the successful 2016, BTS quickly became famous around the world. The members are extremely busy, so MC moments like these have become “rare”, worthy of being put in a “museum” for future ARMYs to “discover”.

RM had many close interactions with Ailee when hosting the music festival in 2016


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