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4 bitter twists in Snowdrop: “I’m sorry” is the dream scene of Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Snowdrop is really a master at hinting one thing, happening another!

As expected of Sky Castle ‘s “junior” when Snowdrop did not disappoint viewers with a series of twists revealed in the flow of the film’s story. From shocking secrets to even bitter “turns around” between Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) and Young Ro ( Jisoo ). Let’s review 4 twists at Snowdrop that made the audience turn heads in the past time!

1. The true identity of “mistress” Chung Ya, still closing the application to be Young Ro’s love rival
Thinking that Chung Ya ( Yoo In Na ) was merely the mistress of General Secretary Nam Tae Il (Park Sung Woong), did not expect the beautiful Doctor Kang to be a high-ranking secret agent of North Korea. In addition, she and Soo Ho also know each other well, and even Chung Ya “had a crush on” Soo Ho for a while.

2. Boon Ok and Superintendent Pi .’s Dark Past
The two most mysterious characters of Hosu University also had a dark and pitiful past. Boon Ok ( Kim Hye Yoon ), the character “disgusted” by the audience in Snowdrop , has a rather arduous life, always trying to hide the fact that her older sister is a spy. Similarly, supervisor Pi Seung Hee ( Yoon Se Ah ) was also a spy. She was horribly tortured by the Ministry of Security and forced to work as an insider for them when she returned to the dormitory.

3. Soo Ho “turns the car” to betray the country for the one he loves
It turns out that Soo Ho is not the son of the Director of the United Front Department, but he is just his “adopted son” and he once swore that he would die for his “father” all his life. I thought I would wholeheartedly submit to all tasks, including killing all the hostages according to the father’s words. However, after discovering the shocking conspiracy of the two regions of the country, Soo Ho suddenly turned his car to shake hands with Kang Moo (Jang Seung Jo) to protect the sorority and his lover, Young Ro.

4. Snowdrop quickly responds to Soo Ho – Young Ro’s missed scenes!
The most regrettable series of twists in Snowdrop must be the sweet, emotional scenes between Young Ro and Soo Ho. The Snowdrop scriptwriter constantly “plays” with the viewers’ emotions by always hinting at one thing, happening in another.

This dreamlike beautiful dance turned out to be a dream by Young Ro!

Who would believe this full-screen love scene just to cover up Young Ro’s shocking plot. She used the detonator to threaten Soo Ho with no regrets

Snowdrop airs jTBC every Saturday, Sunday.

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