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Snowdrop episode 13 turns sharply: Jisoo (BLACKPINK) suffers to let her rival take the spotlight, and publicly “confides” her new lover!

Snowdrop episode 13 mainly revolves around the confrontation between the spy society and the political world. The most prominent is the shining screen of female Kang Chung Ya.

As expected by the audience, the father of Young Ro ( Jisoo ), the Director of the Ministry of Security was actually assassinated by Nam Tae Il in episode 13 of Snowdrop . Not only did he give the order to shoot, but he also set up a stage to blame Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ). Because of intelligence that the spy association tried to assassinate Eun Chang Soo, the Ministry of Security decided to order the killing of all hostages.

The entire dormitory was now in chaos when soldiers flooded in, threatening the lives of the students. At that time, Chung Ya ( Yoo In Na ) devised an extremely daring plan to trick Nam Tae Il. Because she knew the Secretary General was infatuated with her, she planted bombs all over herself and turned herself into bait. Because of that, the enemy quickly retreated.

Young Ro was shocked to hear that his father was in danger

Chung Ya knew Tae Il would never let her die, so he teamed up with Soo Ho and Kang Moo to get past Tae Il

After that, Chung Ya also had a plan to escape to easily manipulate Tae Il. She even cleverly “confessed” to Soo Ho by affirming that she was not afraid to betray the country, if she could be with him. Before going to see Tae Il, Chung Ya asked Soo Ho to run away with him, but he did not give an answer.

Young Ro cried all his tears and couldn’t do anything but pray for his father

In another development, Hanna broke into Tae Il’s private house to collect evidence of his adultery. Thinking that he could not survive the disaster, Young Ro’s father had woken up a long time ago and only pretended to be in a coma to trick Tae Il. The story of Snowdrop episode 13 ended when Soo Ho suddenly overheard the conversation between Kang Moo and Hanna about spying on Chung Ya. Soo Ho was extremely angry when he learned that there was no trust between them and even raised a gun to threaten to shoot Kang Moo.

It turned out that Chung Ya had known the fortune teller for a long time. She is even the one who fabricated rumors of 13 schoolgirls to manipulate the superstitious women’s association

Not long after the alliance was established, Soo Ho and Kang Moo turned against each other?

Snowdrop airs jTBC every Saturday, Sunday.

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