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HOT: BLACKPINK first revealed the livestream after a long time of “enlistment”, what to say about the upcoming comeback?

BLACKPINK finally did a livestream with all 4 of them!

On the evening of January 25, BLACKPINK conducted a livestream with the appearance of all 4 members. This is the group’s joint livestream after a long time “tear apart”, “silent and disappeared” . Since the livestream of the 5th debut anniversary in August 2021, fans have only been able to see the quartet in the same frame. Therefore, the fact that all 4 members appear together in this live broadcast video is very meaningful to fans.

During the livestream, when asked by fans to reveal more about the comeback, Jisoo quickly replied, “Never! Never!” It seems the girls are determined to keep the secret to the end! Although there is no new information about the comeback, fans are still greatly comforted when they see the members happily interacting in the livestream

BLACKPINK reunites with fans in the livestream video on the evening of January 25

Jisoo replied when asked by fans to spoil the comeback

In fact, the original livestream only had Jisoo and Lisa present. The other two members, Jennie and Rosé, arrived later. Fans were moved to “cry” when OT4 suddenly converged. During the livestream, BLACKPINK also sang a piece of Kill This Love on the occasion of the MV of this song reaching 1.5 billion views. A series of keywords about BLACKPINK and its members are also “dominating” the global top trending Twitter.

BLACKPINK reunites with fans in the livestream video on the evening of January 25

Fans were touched when they saw BLACKPINK appearing in a full group

A series of keywords about BLACKPINK in the top trending Twitter

Some comments:

– Is the group finally “discharged”?

– Stan BLACKPINK is enough to see 4 girls sharing the same video to go to the roof.

– It’s been a while since we’ve lived together. Happy and nervous like meeting your crush.

– Mom, seeing 4 sisters together, full of happiness.

– It has been calculated that since August 2019 until now, I have only done this kind of close-to-life livestream. Do not count live comeback.

Before BLACKPINK did the livestream, the girls also held an online fansign on the Weverse app. In the conversation with fans, Jennie also shared more about the preparation process for BLACKPINK’s comeback: “I can’t tell you about the comeback time. But we are working hard. You will soon. see you again Blink-ah please wait!”.

BLACKPINK holds an online fansign event

The OT4 photo is “more precious than gold” to fans after a long wait


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