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Hey, “holy body” Jennie (BLACKPINK) suddenly lost her divine 0% fat waist, her belly suddenly felt strange?

Jennie's divine waist (BLACKPINK) suddenly became unusually large, causing fans to stir and talk.

Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) is famous as the “holy body”, having the best waist in Kpop. The female idol has made netizens many times stunned because of her surreal, impossibly small waist, toned as if it could fit in the palm of her hand. However, there are times when Jennie makes fans wonder because her 0% fat waist suddenly disappears.

In the new series of photos, Jennie makes fans rub their eyes a few times because they see the wrong waistline. The 2nd round of rapper BLACKPINK suddenly became abnormally large, losing firmness and 0% fat. This made many fans mistakenly believe that Jennie had “let loose” to celebrate Tet early and revealed her “fat baby”. However, there are also many opinions that the BLACKPINK member has a counter outfit, a tight dress, but there is also a shirt inside that creates a feeling of being clumsy and hot. Besides, Jennie’s standing posture and low angle have clearly revealed her lower abdomen, making her bust appear to be bulging. In fact, her body still has a clear curve.

The latest picture on Jennie’s personal page makes fans wonder. The female idol’s belly seems to bulge out, where has the “YG princess”‘s 0% fat toned waist disappear?

Many people think that Jennie gained weight, but it may also be because Jennie’s clothes betrayed her owner, her standing position and low angle make her belly feel like it’s bulging out.

In addition, Jennie also entertained fans with a series of selfie photos showing off her charming face

Previously, Jennie was always known as the “holy body”, with a very sharp ant waist. Close-up of the divine waist of “YG princess”, so small that it makes Knet dizzy every time I look at it

Talking about the firmness of the waistline, of course, “Live Chanel” can’t be criticized, but the number 11 abs is clearly visible.

With the advantage of a super-small ant waist, Jennie often wears a croptop to enhance her beauty

Jennie’s shows of her figure and toned abs are enough to make the whole Kbiz stir up



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