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Top 5 videos with the most likes on YouTube in 2021: A member of BLACKPINK occupies 2 positions?

BLACKPINK has 2 names appearing in this chart, Lisa and Rosé, so who will be the "winner".

YouTube is the world’s largest video posting platform today, most artists and groups will upload videos here. In addition to subscriptions and views, the uploaded MVs will also be evaluated for quality through likes and dislikes. However, YouTube recently added a feature to hide dislikes of videos, so now viewers can only see the total number of likes in addition to the channel owner.

Below is the chart of 5 videos of solo artists that have received the most likes on YouTube in 2021, with 2 names and 3 positions belonging to BLACKPINK.

1. Lisa – LALISA MV: 15 million likes

This is probably the most successful MV of a female solo artist when setting a Guinness record, becoming the MV with the most views 24 hours after its release on YouTube with 73.6 million views. Recently, after 125 days, MV LALISA has reached 15 million likes , becoming the fastest solo artist’s MV to achieve this milestone in Kpop history. Lisa is also the first female artist to achieve this huge milestone.


2. Bella Poarch – Build AB*tch: 10.8 million likes

On May 14, 2021, the Filipino-American hot girl TikToker – Bella Poarch officially debuted with the song ” Build AB*tch ” produced by singer Sub Urban. Released just over a day, Build AB*tch has quickly “stormed” with 33 million views on YouTube and the best thing is to reach #24 of the top Trending YouTube Vietnam.

Bella Poarch – Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)

3. Lisa – MONEY Exclusive Performance: 10 million
Besides the success of the title song ” LALISA “, the b-side song ” MONEY ” is also proving its charm on many platforms. Although it has not been promoted on any official stage, it can be seen that MONEY is running long distances very well, it can even be called Lisa’s “MONEY hit” .


4. Rosé – On The Ground: 9.9 million likes

Many people think that the song ” On The Ground ” lacks climax and is not impressive, while others are afraid that singing in English will be a disadvantage, it is difficult for female idols to conquer the Korean charts. But Rosé’s 24-hour achievement says it all. Rosé officially debuted solo with the MV On The Ground – the title track of the single album -R- on March 12. After 24 hours of airing, the MV reached 41.6 million views and also held the top position until it was defeated by MV LALISA .


ROSÉ – On The Ground M/V

5. Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name): 9.7 million likes

Dubbed the “male version of Lady Gaga” of Gen Z, Lil Nas X continuously “breaks” the music industry with a series of products and stages that “have no shock, only more shock”. With a series of MVs released recently, Lil Nas X surprised the world with her steps: Turning into a devil in MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) .

Although controversial with her songs, Lil Nas X is still the last name in this chart with 9.7 million likes.

Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

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