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If you want to wear sweatpants as beautiful as BLACKPINK, you have to “buy” these girls right away, the price is only 3 cups of milk tea, but the body is guaranteed to be cool.

Seeing the BLACKPINK girls wearing sweatpants is so crazy that I have to buy one right away.

Sweatpants are always an item that the Pink – Black girls love to the fullest. With a spacious, comfortable design, elastic waistband and slight puffiness, it helps girls to flatter their slim waist and “hack” their very standard 3rd round. So, even when going out, going to practice, this item is always the most favored by BLACKPINK girls.

Rosé’s latest series of photos when wearing sweatpants to go out

This item always appears with the girls no matter where they are

Lisa is probably the girl who loves the style of sweatpants the most. Looking at her dressed up, she immediately exudes a cool aura

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