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BLACKPINK fans “collect debt” from YG on top trending: Wait until fans get married and have children before releasing music?

What does YG do that BLACKPINK fans "collect debt" all year round?

The coming New Year is the time when family members compete to “collect debt” to enter a joyful new year. It seems that BLACKPINK fans are the same, and it is not the first time that this fandom has “collected debt”. From January 24 to today, the keyword We Want BLACKPINK Music (We want BLACKPINK’s music products) continuously appeared in the top trending Twitter in many countries around the world.

Keyword attracts hundreds of thousands of tweets in Vietnam

This is not the first time BLINK (BLACKPINK’s fandom) has asked YG to return the group. But after each phase, the scale of “requiring MV” is much more invested. The “suffering” of fans’ lack of music turned into posters “Jennie next comeback when?”, “BLACKPINK comeback when?”, “Jisoo solo debut when?” … Listen to the brain with all your heart!

The international fandom even designed posters to express doubts about BLACKPINK’s comeback and Jennie and Jisoo’s solo plans.

Looking for BLACKPINK…It’s been 41,385,600 seconds since BLACKPINK’s comeback with Lovesick Girls…

A funny and realistic statement that shows that BLACKPINK has been absent for too long

BLACKPINK fans are so tired:

– Actually, last year Lisa, Rosé debuted solo, Jisoo completed her first lead role and more importantly, all 4 members are healthy after a difficult year of the epidemic. But I do remember. I remember the feeling of plowing the view, I remember the feeling of watching at 10 o’clock at night, I always remember the feeling of updating in those days.

– Really miss OT4, miss BLACKPINK so much, miss the year-end stage, miss the concert.

– This is definitely the longest time between BLACKPINK’s 2 comebacks ever.

– With 1 Blink for many years, I am confident that I am too familiar with this.

-YG is like when BLINKs wait until they get mad to start spreading rumors.

– Always swear. So hungry for music that fans edited the teaser poster and always thought it was real.

– The contract is about to expire but YG is still hiding like they just debuted.

– How long has BLACKPINK been in the army?

– They’ll still be active all year long, don’t force them to work like JYP exploiting TWICE. Last year, solo singing, movies, fashion… all became muses of world famous brands.

BLINK who is helpless, who is too used to BLACKPINK’s year-long absence

A while ago, there was a rumor in the industry that YG would continue to delay BLACKPINK’s comeback to prioritize the debut of another rookie girl group. This rumor has made BLACKPINK fans extremely angry, pushing keywords like BLACKPINK comeback now (BLACKPINK to come back immediately), Stop delaying BLACKPINK (Stop delaying BLACKPINK) to climb the global top trending. Many BLACKPINK fans fear that the new girl group debut project will affect the comeback progress, music production and the group’s position within YG.

The image that is said to be a member of the junior girl group BLACKPINK appeared at YG headquarters

Since Lovesick Girls in October 2020, BLACKPINK has been absent for 1 year and 4 months. It is understandable that fans’ psychology and actions increase pressure on YG company.

For BLINKs, the question that caused more stir than “When will you get married” is “When will BLACKPINK come back?”

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