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Tension: Jennie’s biggest fan station announced to stop supporting BLACKPINK’s activities, all at YG?

The extremely drastic move of Jennie's fandom shows great indignation about the operation plan that YG is arranging for BLACKPINK.

On January 25, BLACKPINK had a full reunion of 4 members at Weverse’s fansign. It was thought that this event would ease the anger of fans of BLINK – BLACKPINK fandom – after 1 year and 4 months the group has not made a comeback, but there was a detail that made Jennie’s fan community angry and made a drastic move.

BLACKPINK only reunited for a short time, then a big change happened in Jennie’s fan community

Specifically, in the morning of January 26, Jennie Bar – Jennie’s biggest fan station in China, and other large and small fan stations such as Baby Blue, Jennie data team, Jennie protect team… simultaneously released information. announced that it will stop supporting BLACKPINK’s activities until the agency YG gives Jennie’s specific solo activities schedule.

Very drastic announcement from Jennie Bar about stopping supporting BLACKPINK’s activities

Since 2019 until now, the company has never arranged more individual activities for Jennie, including individual variety shows, individual stages, collaborative songs, etc. And in the plan in 2021 of YG, Jennie is the only member not mentioned.

As an active female idol, Jennie has the strength of stage performance and the ability to compose good lyrics, but Jennie does not have a clear plan and fair division in the group. Such a long vacancy made it impossible for us to withstand the unfair treatment of the company, and we decided not to support the group’s activities until Jennie is treated fairly.

SOLO in 2018 was extremely successful, but Jennie has only one song , SOLO , and has no other plans in the future. When Jennie was tracked and slandered by false rumors, YG also didn’t make any decisions to protect her. We strongly urge the company to respond to these incidents and plan Jennie’s future activities and return her missing resources.!

Chinese fan stations are claiming Jennie’s personal rights

MV SOLO is Jennie’s first and last solo product up to now

Earlier, at the Weverse fansign yesterday (January 25), when asked about her return as a solo artist, Jennie said that she was working to prepare for her comeback. BLACKPINK first, so the solo plan might be after. This is an affirming detail about the rather ambiguous solo project that YG has for Jennie.

Jennie shared that she is preparing for BLACKPINK’s comeback first, solo plans may happen later

The uncertain future of Jennie’s solo activities has made her fans “angry” with a challenge to YG.

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