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Jisoo just released a solo, a series of BLACKPINK fanbases immediately announced the suspension of activities, showing hate or what?

BLACKPINK's fandom is in turmoil again.

On January 27, 27 BLACKPINK ‘s fanbase on Twitter suddenly simultaneously announced a rest (temporary suspension) without a clear explanation. Faced with this situation, Jisoo’s individual fansites were extremely angry. Fans only Jisoo think that this is an act of showing the hate and rejection attitude of a part of BLINKs from Jisoo.

All of them just used the same photo of BLACKPINK Union to announce the shutdown and did not give any explanation.

Even DCBlackpink – BLACKPINK’s leading fanbase in Korea also made a similar announcement

Many Soostans are upset because Jisoo is still appearing in the movie Snowdrop in the last 2 episodes, but a series of BLACKPINK fanbases are temporarily closed. This mass rest may be aimed at pressuring YG to urge BLACKPINK to come back . But there are also speculations that the information Jisoo solo revealed by herself at the fansign two days ago is the source of this confusing action. Previously, when asked by fans about going solo in 2022, Jisoo answered, “Definitely.”

According to Soostan, OT4 fans just want to see BLACKPINK’s comeback, not YG’s resources to develop personal activities for Jisoo. Therefore, these fanbases clearly showed their stance by suspending activities right before Snowdrop , not supporting the promotion of the final episodes of the series.

Moreover, despite the announcement of the suspension, which means that there will not be any new updates on the page, there are fanbases who constantly retweet rest posts of other fanbases as a celebration and gloating move. .

During the online fansign on January 25, when fans asked if they could look forward to Jisoo’s solo this year, she replied, “Oh, yes!”

The confirmation answer for that solo of Jisoo is believed to be the source of the BLACKPINK fanbase’s “attitude” to issue notices of discontinuance.

Before this incident, Jisoo’s personal fanbase – Forever Kim Jisoo had to stand on behalf of Jisoo stans, contact the group fanbases to ensure that they would still support and work until the end of the group. Snowdrop.

Jisoo’s fans in Vietnam are also very disappointed and angry at the actions of these fanbases, the biggest emotion is pity and heartache for Jisoo. Jisoo is also a member of BLACKPINK, but she is turned away by a large part of BLINKs like that

Jisoo has the best words for BLINKs but not all BLINKs have good deeds for her

– I was really disappointed today. I’m so disappointed that I have nothing more to say to those top fanbases. They call themselves Blink, they are the ones who love and protect BLACKPINK the most, so isn’t Jisoo a part of BLACKPINK?

– Everyone should gradually get used to the fact that the first person to love Jisoo the most is still only Soo. Shocked, but I have to reassure myself so that I can support Jisoo well in the future, we all know how hard and passionate Jisoo was. Why is it the same BLACKPINK but Jisoo never “in your area”.

– This fandom is so amazing. Stop switching from OT4 to Only Jisoo.

– After everything that Jisoo has been through, what this girl received is the four words REST from the fan group.


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