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Close-up of Rosé’s strange “iPhone case” (BLACKPINK), even money can’t buy it!

Rosé posts the latest selfies on her Instagram, but a lot of attention is on her phone, it's true that beauties often have their own way!

Rosé is one of the BLACKPINK members with the best fashion sense. The costumes and accessories used by the female singer are enthusiastically scrutinized by netizens. In addition to owning an expensive branded wardrobe, Rosé is also a player of super high-end technology when she constantly changes the latest smartphone, until she owns fine speaker devices.

Not only that, the purchase of accessories for the smartphone is also taken care of by Rosé. She constantly changes iPhone cases and phone straps, making it difficult for fans to want to “cheap moment” because these products are quite expensive. On average, a case that Rosé uses costs up to 1.3 – 1.7 million VND, not to mention other strap accessories…

Rosé and expensive iPhone accessories

However, in the latest images that the singer updated on Instagram, she has a “case” with 1-0-2 that even you have money can hardly get. Because this is a product of her creation.

Rosé has pasted text stickers on the back of her phone without any inner case. Even these words are glued on top of each other quite “clumsy” and not even close to the edge of the phone. However, this deliberate mess makes her iPhone look very special and flattering.

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