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Jisoo revealed the number of solo songs, fans are determined to “play dry”: Will she become the “last boss” of BLACKPINK?

Finally, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) also spoils a bit about the solo debut project.

BLACKPINK’s activities in 2022 are a topic that many fans are interested in, in which fans only Jisoo is extremely looking forward to her solo debut soon . Recently at an online fansign, Jisoo revealed a little “hearing” about her personal debut project. On January 29, a video of Jisoo mentioning her solo activities at a fansign was posted on Twitter, attracting the attention of many fans.

Jisoo reveals about her solo debut project

During this conversation, when asked to spoil her solo debut, Jisoo said she was in the process of choosing a song. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister also revealed that she might release 1-2 songs in the upcoming debut single. Earlier in a fansign video released on January 25, when asked if she would make a solo debut soon, Jisoo answered “of course”.

Jisoo is about to make a solo debut in 2022

Jisoo’s revelations made the community excited, telling each other to save money to “dry blood” for this long-awaited solo project. The news that Jisoo can release 2 songs in her debut single also makes fans extremely happy. Most likely the recording process is done, all that remains is to choose the song and concept. Possessing a warm vocal, Jisoo promises to bring attractive songs to fans.

Jisoo is the last member to debut solo in BLACKPINK

– Your money is mine, you are mine too.

– It’s coming soon, I’m so excited.

– YG hit 10 ver. I’ll close them all.

– The best news of the week. This time, everyone, remember to support Jisoo with all your heart. This solo must be said to be the era of Jisoo. Like acting, solo is also Jisoo’s possible 1-0-2 milestone so I hope everyone will love it this time.

– Ready to burn with you.

– The fan asked very thoughtfully.

– The record is waiting for Soo to break, 3 of them solo and now Jisoo is the “last boss”.

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