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Snowdrop episode 14 has a tense twist: Jisoo (BLACKPINK) – Jung Hae In is about to explode because of his biological father, the ending is coming?

Not only Young Ro and Soo Ho are about to be in danger, but even Chung Ya is in danger of revealing his identity as a spy in Snowdrop episode 14.

Thinking that he had shot his teammates, did not expect Soo Ho ( Jung Hae In ) to spare Kang Moo’s life because of the misunderstanding of betraying captain Chung Ya ( Yoo In Na ) in episode 14 of Snowdrop . After calculating all the schemes to steal all the money from the Ministry of Security, Chung Ya plans to return to the dormitory tonight. She also asked Hanna to help her to distract Nam Tae Il. I thought everything was going smoothly, but the “talented” girl Boon Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) overheard Chung Ya’s escape from the dormitory. She even used a walkie-talkie hidden in supervisor Pi’s secret room to inform the Ministry of Security that Chung Ya was a spy.

Soo Ho and Young Ro wish that they were both normal people and could live together peacefully. He also shared that he always dreamed of becoming an artist like his biological father and would sing for the one he loved

Because of being threatened by the thug Sang Beom, Boon Ok revealed the true identity of Young Ro ( Jisoo ). That’s why Young Ro was shunned by the whole dormitory association as the daughter of the Director of the Ministry of Security. Things got even more complicated when Chung Ya misunderstood Hanna as the one who revealed her identity, and the North Korean side ordered Soo Ho’s sister to be killed if he didn’t immediately kill all the hostages. At that time, Young Ro’s father offered to help Soo Ho escape to another country if he could ensure Young Ro’s safety. He even planned to stage it as if Soo Ho had killed all the hostages and was able to save Soo Ho’s sister. However, as soon as he finished speaking, Eun Chang Soo suddenly changed his mind and ordered the dormitory to be blown up.

Because she did not trust Hanna, Chung Ya voluntarily escaped and found a way to return to the dormitory alone. Nam Tae Il knew this shocking secret and was threatened and arrested by Ahn Kyung Hee. Will Chung Ya be able to return unharmed when now all sides are pointing guns at him?

Soo Ho doesn’t know what to do but hug Young Ro

Snowdrop will air the last two episodes on jTBC tomorrow.


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