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10 “terrible” fancams of Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Every stage is "on fire" like this, why don't fans fall in love with Jennie (BLACKPINK)!

After more than 5 years since her debut, Jennie ( BLACKPINK ) has conquered the hearts of the most demanding fans with her top-notch performance skills with all kinds of concepts and her radiant beauty. This is evidenced by her charismatic fancams on stage, typically the clips with the most views below.

10. SOLO (Golden Disc Awards 2019)
As a fan of BLACKPINK, perhaps no one does not know the SOLO stage at the Golden Disc Awards 2019 which was once viral. Jennie appears as a white swan with a dazzling aura that attracts all eyes with her soft, seductive choreography. The outfit that hugs her sexy body and super-small waist also enhances her luxurious beauty on stage. This clip currently has more than 8.1 million views and 201 thousand likes on YouTube.

Fancam SOLO (Jennie)

9. 16 Shots
Fancam Jennie from the cover stage of BLACKPINK’s song ” 16 Shots (Stefflon Don)” during the In Your Area tour in 2018 completely conquered the most demanding audience. With 8.14 million views and 247 thousand likes, this clip has received countless comments praising Jennie’s luxurious – genuine – smooth charisma and perfect dance moves.

Fancam 16 Shots (Jennie)

Jennie’s fancam DDU-DU DDU-DU in 2018 attracted more than 8.95 million views and 318 thousand likes. As always, Jennie continues to make fans “hug their hearts” with her aristocratic aura, every inch of her body on stage and superior performance skills.

Fancam DDU-DU DDU-DU – Jennie

7. As If It’s Your Last
Next up was BLACKPINK’s summer hit As If It’s Your Last. Fans always love Jennie’s diverse expressions and the way she “turns over” from cute to sexy and attractive on stage. This clip quickly received 9 million views and 103 thousand likes.

Fancam As If It’s Your Last (Jennie)

6. BOOMBAYAH (Sungkyul University Festival)
Jennie’s performance in BLACKPINK’s powerful debut song BOOMBAYAH received 9.38 million views and 144 thousand likes. The clip has proven the talent of the “dinosaur rookie” girl in all aspects from dancing, rapping and vocals, making netizens unable to help but whisper that she is really the ace in the group.

Fancam BOOMBAYAH (Jennie)

5. BOOMBAYAH (Seoul National University of Science and Technology Festival)
Coming in at 5th place is another Jennie hit BOOMBAYAH fancam. This fancam was recorded during BLACKPINK’s appearance at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology Festival, attracting more than 9.16 million views and nearly 165 thousand likes. What makes the audience love this clip is her adorable confused reaction when she misread the Japanese rap lyrics instead of Korean on stage. In addition, the fact that BLACKPINK “dances” with all their might despite the rain also makes viewers “burnt” more than ever.

Fancam BOOMBAYAH (Jennie)

4. Don’t Know What To Do
Next is the fancam performance of the b-side song ” Don’t Know What To Do” in 2019. With more than 10.58 million views and nearly 411 thousand likes. Fans commented that this fancam is one of the best clips showing Jennie’s powerful vocal ability, not losing her breath despite the strong and vibrant choreography.

Fancam Don’t Know What To Do – Jennie

3. Best Part
Jennie’s special cover with the excellent song ” Best Part ” by Daniel Caeser received more than 11.6 million views and more than 419 thousand likes. Far from the usual cool and powerful performances, Jennie in Best Part is completely feminine, gentle with a guitar in her hand, bringing a different side of herself to fans

Fancam Best Part (Jennie)

2. Kill This Love, Don’t Know What To Do
The image of Jennie in a chanel crop top and a pleated black skirt seems simple but has an extremely powerful “damage”. Right from the moment she appeared, she has made fans miss her because of her lovely high teen image but still extremely attractive. This Kill This Love and Don’t Know What To Do fancam has successfully attracted 14 million views and 311 thousand likes, showing that Jennie is really an ace in the group.

Fancam Kill This Love, Don’t Know What To Do (Jennie)

1. SOLO (GAON Chart Music Awards)
The fancam with the most views is SOLO on the stage of GAON Chart Music Awards 2018 . Jennie is like a fiery red rose full of temperament and charm that shines perfectly on stage. Not surprisingly, this clip has attracted a large number of viewers on YouTube: 21.8 million views and 547 thousand likes.

Fancam SOLO (Jennie)

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