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Junior girl group TWICE has just revealed the name of their debut single, netizens immediately think of BLACKPINK: Coincidence again?

JYP's new girl group - will debut on February 22 with the single "AD MARE".

At 0:00 on February 3, JYP’s new girl group – NMIXX – released a poster revealing the debut date and time and the name of the debut single. Accordingly, NMIXX will officially debut at 6 pm (KST) February 22 with the first single ” AD MARE ” . In the teaser poster, 7 members appear with mysterious backs. Fans explode with curiosity and anticipation about the concept that NMIXX will pursue in the debut product.

Poster teasing the name of NMIXX’s first single and debut time

According to fan theories, NMIXX may focus on exploiting the space science concept, in which the debut song will be about the element “water” or “Mercury”. The reason is because AD MARE translates from Italian to English as “to the sea”.

In addition to curious comments predicting the concept of the debut song, the poster of NMIXX also attracts attention because it is reminiscent of… BLACKPINK. Some netizens think that the way each member is taken and the composition of the photo looks similar to the Lovesick Girls poster of the JYP girl group. This similarity annoys many people. However, fans of NMIXX confirmed that this was just a coincidence, moreover the two concepts were completely different. Previously, NMIXX was also accused of copying BLACKPINK when the members had the same stage names as their seniors: Jisoo – Jiwoo, Jennie – Jinni, Lisa – Lily.

Many people refer to BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls poster

BLACKPINK fans think that the YG girl group is always the “standard”, an inspiration for juniors

Lily’s image is similar to Lisa

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