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Lisa (BLACKPINK) makes a comeback with a very “fiery” choreography clip, and Rosé’s unruly cameo?

Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Seunghoon (WINNER) constantly appear together. In the latest choreography clip, check out the twist at the end!

While the BLACKPINK fandom is fervent when the group has not come back for more than 500 days, Lisa continuously releases choreography with her twin sister Leesa – Seunghoon’s new stage name ( WINNER ). On the afternoon of February 17, the duo continued to release a choreography clip on the background of the song ” Woman ” by Doja Cat, which was extremely “fiery”.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Seunghoon (WINNER) cover Dance Woman (Doja Cat)

This is the 3rd choreography production between Lisa and Seunghoon since the WINNER member was discharged from the army. The main dancer duo of YG shows off their impressive dance skills with attractive and seductive movements. Besides, there are always unexpected and funny “twists” at the end of each clip. Guess what in this 3rd cover clip, what will be special?

The duo Seunghoon and Lisa deliver an extremely skillful dance performance

The sexy level of “sisters” Lisa – Leesa has to be called “the top of the top”

At the end of the clip, Rosé’s cameo (BLACKPINK) caught attention. Suddenly, she passed by the clip, which was not “real” at all. Rosé just appeared “unruly” at the end of the dance clip, making people very excited.Rosé appeared “unruly” at the end of the cover clip of Lisa and Seunghoon

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