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Lisa attended Fashion Week but thought she was opening her own concert: Fans sang, idols danced despite the world’s most powerful figure in the world

Lisa (BLACKPINK) scored a perfect score with her lovely, ecstatic and extremely friendly appearance when interacting with fans.

Every activity of Lisa ( BLACKPINK ) in the West in the framework of Paris Fashion Week has become the focus on social networks. Wherever Lisa goes, she is welcomed by the media and welcomed by thousands of fans. Recently, a fancam clip recording the scene of fans “dancing” enthusiastically with Lisa was continuously passed on by netizens.

In just a few short seconds, the youngest member of BLACKPINK scored an absolute score with her captivating beauty, radiant and friendly demeanor, and waved to fans. The female idol could not hide her excitement, showing off her dancing skills to the song ” LALISA ” when she heard fans singing in unison. Most especially, the beauties of YG are also being escorted by Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the BVLGARI brand. Despite being with the leading power figure in the fashion world, Lisa still ignored it, comfortably being herself and enjoying her “private concert” with her fans. It is this enthusiastic and natural nature that helps Lisa win the hearts of millions of fans around the world and even powerful figures.

Despite being with the powerful CEO, Lisa still “dances” to the solo song sung by the fans in unison

Lisa is beautiful, fresh, and friendly when interacting with fans at the event..Not only causing storms with famous beautiful beauty, fans were also amazed when “muse” Lisa was escorted by Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, the powerful CEO of the BVLGARI brand.As if Lisa was at a concert, she excitedly danced LALISA when she heard the fans singing in unison..Lisa’s beautiful beauty and friendliness scored absolute points in the hearts of fans, Beautiful, cute, talented, and kind, why do fans keep falling in love with “Thai dolls” forever!

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