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Extremely hot pre-Oscar party today: Rosé (BLACKPINK) put on a hot outfit showing off her honey thighs, compared to the magical Hailey Bieber

The presence of two extremely hot names, Rosé (BLACKPINK) and Hailey Bieber, made the party before the Oscars hot.

On the evening of March 25 (US time), the party event before the Oscars ceremony organized by the Saint Laurent fashion house was grandly held in Los Angeles, bringing together many famous names in the fashion world. However, the appearance of 2 names Rosé ( BLACKPINK ) and Hailey Bieber made the event hotter every minute. Not only that, the party also had many famous characters such as Zendaya, Troye Sivan, Ashley Benson,…

Rosé overwhelms fans with a sexy image with a see-through sparkling dress, cleverly showing off her seductive honey thighs and perfect hanger shoulders. Not only that, the blonde hair makes the YG princess’s visual more sexy than ever.

Rosé is extremely “burning” at the event of the pre-Oscar party on the evening of March 25


Princess BLACKPINK makes people sob with classy visuals. Sexy thighs peeking out from the see-through skirt make fans “faint up and down” with a statue-like face and a perfect body

Still know that Rosé has a “mlem” body, but people still have to be embarrassed by her “out of sauce” image in the West.

Before G, Rosé showed a behind-the-scenes picture of a sparkling dress, but at that time fans still did not imagine her “burning” like this.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber’s wife decided to excel with high-waisted pants with extremely sexy lace pants, showing off her classy legs. Not ashamed of being a Hollywood cult supermodel, Hailey makes people admire her luxurious, equally magical aura.

ailey Bieber shows off attractive visuals at the popular event, competing with Rosé

Zendaya shows off her hot curves. This time she has a higher wall than before

Kitty Chicha Amatayakul – Girl From Nowhere actress wears a daring double-breasted dress

Troye Sivan is masculine and charming

Ashley Benson wears fancy cropped dress


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