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At 25 years old, Lisa is no longer a “baby”: Dressed in a “burning street” cotton tree, both stylish and seductive

Ladies, look for a few similar models to "swing the trend" like Lisa, because tomorrow this set of clothes will also be "hot".

Kpop fans can’t help but feel excited because today is the day BLACKPINK’s youngest member officially turns 25. On the occasion of her birthday, Lisa “strongly” posted 3 posts on Instagram at once, this time her fans were spoiled for viewing photos. pretty.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is radiantly beautiful in her 25th birthday party

Lisa is as pretty as a princess when wearing a full set of pastel blue dresses “double visual”. The lucky outfit that the beauty “chosen to send gold” in the 25-year-old party is a croptop style mixed with a skirt . Thought it was basic but it’s not! The highlight lies in the design of “cotton balls” of all sizes, looking so cute.

Close-up of the beauty of the 10th point “princess of cotton balls”

The dress set is so sweet, with a ladylike vibe, but it’s still “burning out” because it helps Lisa show off all 3 beautiful features on the top of her body: 90-degree horizontal shoulders, long legs and a passionate waist. The smooth pastel green tone is also a plus point to highlight the white skin of the beauty. Looking back at the overall outfit, makeup layout and Lisa’s immense beauty, I just want to say 3 words: Excellent beauty!

Set of beautiful dresses to help Lisa show off her body advantages


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