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The fever of Jennie’s revealing outfit at Coachella: The strings are entangled, the skin is bold, looking at the blurry photos, it’s already burning!

Fans don't always get a chance to see Jennie dressed like this!

In order to keep the standard image of Korean idols, Jennie hardly dares to dress in the “open and open” style, showing off her fierce body like underground stars. Perhaps because she is stuck in these strict rules, there are times when she really wants to stand up and dress according to her preferences.And recently, people had a chance to be stunned by Jennie with an unusually revealing outfit. Without a dress that covered her back to cover her chest, Jennie showed off her smooth white spine with a shirt full of strings.

At the Coachella event in 2022, it was seen that Ms. Jen appeared with orange hair and a croptop showing off her “bottleneck” waist.

But has anyone seen Jennie dressed like this? Certainly not many! This seemingly “damaged” crop-top is still chosen by female idols to wear. It seems that it is difficult for anyone to escape the attraction of Y2K crop-tops, right?

In fact, the name Jennie has been praised by fans many times when “warming up” the performance with full-breasted push-up dresses. Lazy outfit turns the little idol into a sexy beauty

The world once admired when Jennie appeared in Calvin Klein’s campaign, her body was full of extremely sexy items. It is possible that in the near future, Solo’s voice will gradually remove the secretive and timid image, renewing herself with a sexy style that is not inferior to seniors like Lee Hyori, HyunA…

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