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BLACKPINK battle for May magazine

All 4 members of BLACKPINK recently landed on major fashion magazines in May.

Until the next appointment, next May is also the time when major fashion magazines broadcast pictorial photos with famous artists. I don’t know if there was a table in advance, but all 4 BLACKPINK members together “sweeped” the top magazines with the brand’s clothing they represent.

Jennie – Chanel

In May, Jennie remained in the same form for a long time when once again taking over the Japanese Elle magazine. The tweed dress, the Chanel Coco Crush ring on the hand, the hair band with the gold-colored interlocking C’s… all of them seem to want to scream out loud: “I, Jennie, represent Chanel!” This photo is part of the pictorial set Jennie took in the first February of the year

Sexy, luxurious and absolutely not ostentatious photo shoots prove that Jennie – Chanel are really destined for each other

Jisoo – Dior

Very pure, gentle and feminine is Jisoo in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. As pretty and sweet as this is, everyone will fall for Jisoo for sure. 2 colors white – black create an attractive, youthful, lovely and charming Jisoo

Not much to say, the bow detail was born for Jisoo! The style of the skirt with Jisoo is too familiar, but changing a bit of hair and shoes makes her appearance more fancy and new. As long as she doesn’t let her straight hair be pressed against her face, Jisoo is so pretty, with light makeup, she’s even more attractive

Rose – Saint Laurent

Like a professional model, Rosé appeared in a black dress with a pink bouquet in her hand. Thanks to the advantage of a tall and slim body, Rosé as the Ambassador of Saint Laurent confidently shows off her own personality with bold feminist designs. She also cleverly created a highlight with a prominent gold buckle belt

This year’s “big” bags are definitely trending and Rosé will prove it. The highlight of this appearance is not only Rosé’s body, but also Saint Laurent’s tote bag with fillings. A large bag contrasts with loose hair and a small face creating a very eye-catching contrast

Lisa – Celine

Lisa appeared on the cover of Elle in May with 2 completely different styles: the photo is feminine and modern, the photo is strong and mysterious, very Celine quality. It’s the same blazer, but when in a gentle style, she combines it with a lace-up shirt and sandal, when switching to a personality style, she takes off half of the shirt to show off her slim shoulders and twinkling bust.

Lisa seems to want to ask a difficult question to netizens: Is long hair or short hair, bleached hair or deep hair better? Lisa’s platinum hair reminds people of when she first debuted. With the same hair color, but over time, people see that Lisa has matured, luxurious and stronger than before. More special than the sisters, Lisa was named by Elle in 4 letters representing the magazine, creating an extremely artistic image.

It is really difficult to choose which BLACKPINK member is better this May. The common point of all 4 girls, they all clearly show the spirit of the fashion house that they are Ambassadors. Lisa with Celine is a combination of strong and feminine beauty. Rosé with Saint Laurent brings a minimalist yet luxurious beauty, a feminist yet elegant beauty. Jennie and Chanel look like a lady and Jisoo with Dior is as pretty as a muse with gentle and graceful features.

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