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Top 10 hottest K-pop boy and girl group members in April 2022

The ranking of individual brand reputation of members of boy and girl groups in April 2022 has been announced by the Korean Business Research Institute. Fans were surprised by the change of some names. However, there are still familiar faces that still stand firm on this list.

Jennie, even without a comeback, is still a very hot name in the K-pop entertainment industry. (Photo: Gentle Garden)

In the female rankings, BLACKPINK’s Jennie excellently leads with a score of 3,891,015, up 7.77% compared to the previous month. Keywords related to her are searched like Solo, YouTube, Instagram. This shows that fans are looking forward to Jennie’s solo activities in the fields of fashion and music.

The image of a childish Jennie in the US. (Photo: Instagram jennierubyjane)

She has just been seen riding a Coachella concert in the US. (Photo: Twitter @quinn_ahh)

Holding the 2nd place from March to April 2022 is Bona (WJSN). The female idol’s reputation increased thanks to her role in the movie Age 25, 21 years old . Besides, the continuous advertising contracts in the past few days have contributed to bringing her name closer to the public.

Bona’s beautiful everyday image. (Photo: Pinterest)

The role in Age 25, age 21 brought Bona great success. (Photo: Pinterest)

3rd place in the ranking belongs to Taeyeon (SNSD). Her score decreased by 11.5% compared to the previous month, but her recognition with the public is still not inferior to her juniors. Currently, the leader of SNSD is the host of the program Queendom 2, every appearance creates a boom.

Taeyeon with a beauty that seems to have been forgotten by time. (Photo: Queendom)

Every time Taeyeon appears, Taeyeon will create a fever on social networks. (Photo: Pinterest)

Joy (Red Velvet) excellently ranked 4th in the individual girl group brand reputation chart. Following is Jisoo – the beautiful eldest sister of BLACKPINK. Although not “on top” high, Jisoo has continuously caused storms over time because of her appearances on luxurious magazine covers.

Jisoo and Joy have memorable beauty. (Photo: Pinterest)

The remaining 5 names in the top 10 are Irene, Rosé, YooA (Oh My Girl), Lisa and Seulgi, respectively. Just looking at the favorite names of the past month, fans can see how the 2 girl groups SM and YG are bombarding in K-pop.

Irene came back after being noisy about her personality and was still well received by the fans. (Photo: SBS)

In the ranking of individual boy group brand reputation, the leader is none other than Jimin (BTS). The male idol’s score was 6,877,359, an increase of more than 30% compared to the previous month. This does not make fans too surprised because the global appeal of BTS and Jimin is well known.

Jimin is the one who occupies the throne in the male ranking. (Photo: Twitter jimin)

V, Jin, and Jungkook also entered the top 10 with rankings of 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The reputation of these boys has been maintained steadily every month.

V possesses a beauty that is likened to a graphic. (Photo: Pinterest)

G-Dragon has just had a comeback with BIGBANG with the song ” Still Life ” . Immediately, the male idol’s brand value increased dramatically. He holds the 2nd place in the rankings with a score of 5,756,906, an increase of 332% compared to the previous month.

G-Dragon is a Gen 2 male idol whose influence never falters. (Photo: Instagram xxxibgdrgn)

Other names in the top 10 male group member brand values ​​include: Kang Daniel at No. 3, Junho (2PM) at No. 7, Cha Eun Woo at No. 8, Heechul at No. 9, and Mino at No. 10.

Mino ranked 10th, continuously attracting attention in the past time. (Photo: pinterest)

The individual boy group brand reputation rankings reflect the public’s popularity for idols. BLACKPINK, Red Velvet and BTS are names that always keep their positions.



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