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TOP (BIGBANG) posted a congratulatory photo to 2NE1 but covered BLACKPINK’s name, is there any dissatisfaction with the juniors?

TOP's latest Instagram story is creating a "war of words".

On the morning of April 17 (Vietnam time), 2NE1 made Kpop fans “wobble” because they suddenly reunited on the stage of the world’s largest music festival, Coachella. Immediately after this good news, 2NE1 became the hottest topic on MXH. Many stars and celebrities also made moves to congratulate 2NE1’s reunion stage.

2NE1 explodes when performing on Coachella stage

Among them, there is a close brother TOP (BIGBANG) . However, netizen’s attention fell on another detail in TOP’s 2NE1 congratulatory post

Post congratulating 2NE1 on TOP’s Coachella performance but the hashtag related to BLACKPINK was hidden

The original post stated that 2NE1 is the 2nd K-pop girl group after BLACKPINK to perform at Coachella

Specifically, recently TOP shared a post about 2NE1 having an explosive performance stage at Coachella on his Instagram story. But worth mentioning, in the post there is a hashtag related to BLACKPINK and the eldest brother BIGBANG did not hesitate to remove this hashtag from the congratulatory post. This move of TOP is making the majority of BLINKs feel down.

TOP’s current Instagram account

This story of TOP is no longer on Instagram.

YG is known as an entertainment company in which the relationship of its artists is very close. Even YG’s 2nd generation was combined into YG Family, that is, groups and artists belonging to the company are close to each other like family. BIGBANG and 2NE1 are both K-pop walls of the 2nd generation, and are still close to each other like family, so the fact that these two groups interact and support each other often makes fans feel warm.

YG Family gathers top stars of the 2nd generation

However, since BLACKPINK’s debut, 2NE1’s “falling down” and resulted in disbandment caused many rumors that YG had neglected 2NE1 because of BLACKPINK. The leader of the group CL has also repeatedly expressed “dissatisfaction” with his juniors. Therefore, from the 3rd generation onwards, people no longer see the image of a YG Family.

CL once responded to a comment mentioning Jennie, causing fans on both sides to fight

Contrary to the support and love that BIGBANG members like G-Dragon or before Seungri give to BLACKPINK, TOP has never had any interaction with the junior girl group. The current move to cover up the name has fueled rumors that TOP is not satisfied with the BLACKPINK girls.

G-Dragon once appeared in the livestream breaking Jennie’s eyeglasses box

Or before leaving the company, Seungri was also very close to BLACKPINK

BIGBANG just made a comeback with Still Life and received a lot of support from BLINK. That’s why TOP covered BLACKPINK’s name in 2NE1’s congratulatory post that made many fans feel disappointed.

And TOP has never interacted with juniors

Some netizens’ comments:

– I’m really bored with this, junior fans like me even argue with antis to defend them. I plowed the view that lacked what I wanted to memorize each scene.

– It’s boring to say the least. The BLINK department also has feelings for the sunbaenim so the comeback broadcast also streamed and then went to war, but I don’t know how to describe it. Knowing that, I’d rather spend all my online money streaming and reciting my other 4 idols to be discharged from the army soon, sympathizing with nostalgia and all.

– It’s the team that left YG, so their thoughts are the same, they’re dissatisfied with the old company.

– It’s sad, grandpa, YG’s senior stans support everything but it’s so heartbreaking to hear.

-Actually, they could have cut out BLACKPINK’s photos or else it would’ve been full of 2NE1’s own photos that day but I don’t understand why they’re captioning it on Twitter.

– I also support but I can’t swallow this case, if you want to congratulate , please upload your own post. Who would go get a card with 4 girls and hide their name.


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