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Jisoo often “cuts off her horns” when doing her hair: Is youthful hacking age or cheesy, ornate?

BLACKPINK’s eldest sister – Jisoo is one of the most popular visuals in Kbiz. Since her debut, she has been dubbed “a beautiful idol like a beauty” by the people. Up to now, at the age of 27, Jisoo still has a beautiful beauty, age hack. She also takes care of youthful hairstyles to make her visual more beautiful and sweet.This year is 27 years old but Jisoo can still transform into the role of a good schoolgirl. She has a small face and delicate lines. In particular, when her hair is tied up, Jisoo’s lines will be more clearly accentuated, making her even more youthful.

Jisoo’s muse-like beauty when she wore her hair tied up made people fall in love. The high tied head gives Jisoo a youthful and delicate look, and at the same time, it also enhances the elegance and luxury like a noble lady. Therefore, this is a hairstyle that is very popular with Jisoo, however, she often cleverly changes it when she has her hair tied up to keep the image from being boring. If when attending the event, Jisoo’s makeup is somewhat prominent and noble…

… then when she wears light makeup in her usual style, she brings a feeling of purity and innocence that makes everyone want to protect.

Besides the high tied hair, the bun is also an age-hacking hairstyle that helps Jisoo look significantly younger than her real age. This is also a cool, comfortable hairstyle that office girls can easily apply like Jisoo this summer.

Jisoo once made the cheesy bow-tie hairstyle become a hot trend throughout Asia, causing family members to apply. Bow hair feels both feminine, sweet and interesting and pretty for the owner.

Looking at the image of Jisoo with curly, half-tied hair, no one would think that she is 27 years old this year. If it was someone else, she would have been criticized for this hairstyle, but because Jisoo is so pretty, she is still forgiven.

When she first debuted, the stylist often let Jisoo wear a big mane. This mane model makes Jisoo’s image as young and dynamic as high school girls.

Mane – an accessory that used to be criticized by many people as cheesy and out of fashion, but Jisoo can still conquer and hack her age successfully, making everyone want to buy it.

BLACKPINK’s eldest sister is not afraid to experiment with the classic side braid hairstyle. When she has her hair tied on both sides, Jisoo’s image is both feminine, laid-back, and young and pretty.

If you want to find hairstyling suggestions to help hack your age, the office lady over 30 can refer to even a series of cool hairstyles from Jisoo.

Young, mischievous side braids; Side-swept braids give Jisoo a classic, ladylike feel. This hairstyle is suitable for all types of dresses and blouses.

If you don’t want to do fancy hair and still hack your youth, a rainy bang like Jisoo is also a suggestion that you can refer to.

Rainy bangs make Jisoo look delicate and sweet like the schoolgirl next door. This hairstyle can be combined with loose hair, half tied hair, and high tied hair.



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