Korea publishes Hallyu data: V BTS vehemently “takes the air”

Recently, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) announced the results of the 2021 Hallyu market data research.

According to the final report on data analysis of keywords related to Hallyu (Korean Wave), Kim Taehyung, also known by the stage name V of BTS, is the top idol in many categories.

Notably, the BTS male idol ranked high on many lists even though his stage name and real name were listed separately.

In the keyword network related to K-drama (Korean drama), “Taehyung” is one of the most prominent keywords related to “Squid Game”, along with “Lee Jung Jae” and “Hoyeon Jung”. “. This happened after V cosplayed (dressed up) one of the movie’s characters.

In India, V’s combined media mentions are second only to BTS. With 136 points for “V” and 30 points for “Taehyung”, his total keyword score is 166 points, proving he is the most popular K-pop idol in the country.

In the UK, V is the only BTS member to appear on the list of top Hallyu keywords.

On YouTube, he is also the only BTS member listed in the K-pop artist comments index, proving that V is mentioned a lot on the platform.

“Congratulations Kim Taehyung. You were born to shine and we will always be by your side. Borahae V” – one netizen commented.

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