BTS V reveals his cute childhood nickname

Besides the nicknames that fans give, the male god V of BTS also has another very cute name when he was a child!

Specifically, V’s father gave him a very cute name, which is “gomdori” (teddy bear). The name seems to be ordinary but actually contains a lot of love that his father put in it!

The story was revealed by V after an ARMY asked, “Taehyung, tell me the nickname your family used to call you when you were young.”

After that, V did not hesitate to answer: “Well, this is an interesting question. I have this nickname! That’s the name my father used to call me: Gomdori. He even called her mother gomsooni (mother teddy bear) too”.

Fans’ responses to V’s adorable nickname include:
– “It’s so cute”
– “Well, V’s parents really love him so they named him teddy bear. What a happy family!”
– “His dad seems so cute and adorable”.

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